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Sometimes I like to pull my paints out and make a great big mess of the dining room table. I miss having a patio that I could spread out on and a cement floor underneath that could easily be sprayed off with a garden hose. But you can’t have it all, right. I have nice light in my dining room and since I’m the boss of this house I can leave my paints out on it as long as I want. So I left them out for four days in a row.


Good thing Bug likes to paint too. We painted for hours and hours and then ate dinner and breakfast around our painty mess.


I should have kept the paints out a day longer and painted these pretty sweet peas before they faded but I was kind of on a roll with striped cat paintings.


I don’t know why I like to paint lines. I think I’m just a wimp and I don’t want to tackle a whole background. Leaving the background a solid color seems flat and unfinished so lines I paint. I find it really relaxing. In fact, I think I need to pull out the paints and paint some more lines!


I’ll post about my finished paintings tomorrow!


  • lynne

    I often used to take over the dining table with my modeling projects, bits & pieces of wood, glue & paint would stay out for days. I love the fact that your bringing Bug up to realise its ok to get messy like this & totally surrounding her with creativity. I got out my sketchbook & pens tonight & started drawing my future. Next step dig out my paintbox & get splashy with colour. Lots of love xxx

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