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Kitchen Art


As usual, as soon as I promise something here on this blog, I never get around to doing it. When did I become this person who doesn’t keep her word? That’s the one thing I’ve always tried really hard to achieve in my work. I may not be the most talented artist or any kind of perfectionist who takes a million years to complete something but when it’s done it’s the most perfect masterpiece ever. I make typos and I read directions poorly. I make mistakes all the time. But if I say I’m going to deliver a job by a certain time or date, I make sure I keep to that. It’s really important to me.

Except here on this blog. I promise things all the time and then I skip town for week. Sheesh. It’s pathetic.

So the reason I never posted photos of my line-painted background cat paintings is because I kept taking horrible photos of them and now that I have a photo-centered blog (fancy dancy that it is) I can’t put up bad photos. The horror! And I can’t figure out why I keep taking blurry awful photos! Actually, I know what my problem is. My camera doesn’t auto-focus anymore. I need to send it to the shop. But I’m waiting for funds to come in so it’s sitting there waiting for the tenth of never, along with that external hard drive I need to buy. And when I use manual focus I can’t seem to get it right because I need glasses. Seriously. When I see my pictures through the view finder and on the back of my camera they look fine. But then when I blow them up on my computer they are blurry! Or some random object in the foreground is in focus and the subject of my photo is not. It’s been amateur hour over here for days.

So here are the best photos I’ve managed over the course of three shoots.


Just makes you want to rush out and buy some paintings for your kitchen, right? No? Hmmmmmm… Maybe I need a sexy girl to model with them. Or maybe I need to practice my painting skills a lot more. Heh.


Anyway, they are in my shop if you want them. (Top o’the Morning! Nerd Kitty Love and Pirate Cat!) They’re kind of fun and maybe they’ll remind you that being perfect is not always important. Sometimes mediocre is okay too. Or maybe I just need to focus what I’m better at. Which is work!

By the way I have discovered a new fun game for designers. It’s called Design Crowd. Have any of you designers out there ever played? Basically designers all over the world compete against each other making logos, graphics, graphic design etc and the winner gets paid. At first I never wanted to enter these contests because I figured I couldn’t compete against India and China…but then I went around looking at all the public contests and I realized there are a lot of bad designers out there and I might just have a chance. I never spend too much time on any one contest, because I know I’ll likely not get paid, but I’ve got six contests going and already four clients have gotten back to me asking for small changes. I think I might have a chance at winning! It’s something fun to do when work is slow. It’s also pretty cool for businesses who don’t have a lot of money to spend. You can special request me even. I’m not ranked very high right now but just you wait.

Just thought I’d share. :)


  • Sarah

    I will say I was a little sad when the promised post didn’t come as fast as us instant-gratification folks expect … but now that I’ve read this, I will only say that you have nothing to worry about! We readers will not only stick with you a few days (or a few weeks) after you say you might post next, but also enjoy every photo you post! For the average Jane or Jack, these pics are perfectly wonderful! Maybe it’s just because I’m not a professional blogger, but it’s actually pretty refreshing to see photos that aren’t impeccably styled, perfectly lit and distinctively focused … makes us mere mortals feel a little less po-dunk! With all that said, these photos actually look great! As always, thank you for sharing your life :)

  • BeachMama

    Your photos are gorgeous! Manual focus is a pain in the butt, but before you send your camera away make sure it is the camera and not the lens. You will most likely be without your camera for 4-6 weeks to get it assessed and fixed so you don’t want to send it in only to find out it was the lens. As for the need for glasses. you can adjust your diopter (right near the eye piece there is a little slider on the side that allows you to adjust for not using glasses) lots of people don’t realize that is there and you can see better without the need for glasses. Love the new layout by the way!!

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