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    A Trip to the Aquarium!


    I don’t mean make my blog a “Things to do in Southern California with Kids” magazine or anything but lately these little trips are what I’ve bothered to take my camera out for. One of these days I’ll post about a craft or maybe I’ll post some printable stationery. I’ve been perking on that for a few days…who knows. Blogging is not my job. At least that is what I tell myself.

    Is blogging dead?

    While you ponder that question I’ll just move onto posting some photos from the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography we visited this last weekend.


    This place is so cool. It’s not as big as the Long Beach Aquarium but the location is so much prettier. I love La Jolla. I don’t mean to diss you, Long Beach. You’re much more affordable but these ocean views you just can’t beat.


    Like most aquariums there were tons of things for the kids to look at, touch and interact with. This really is the best kind of learning, when you can take it in with all your senses.


    What’s funny is that we went with Bethany and her kids and Bug and Annalie learn in such different ways. Annalie likes to run ahead at full speed and throw herself into everything with enthusiasm, while Bug likes to meander along slowly and read every little plaque and ponder every little detail. Annalie was constantly (and politely I must add) calling Bug to catch up with her. I wanted to tell Annalie to slow down and wait for Bug but I realized that Bug loves Annalie and they sort of sling shot each other around and around. They are the best of pals and I think Bug would rather be coaxed along by Annalie any day than prodded by me. So I kept mum and watched them from afar.



    Fast, slow, little, big, old, young…no matter who you are and how you learn, it’s fascinating. There’s something for everyone.


    I kinda wanted to take the whole place home and install it in my living room.