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E’s Room


Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I’d post some unpacking photos since I’m feeling a bit guilty for not helping in the kitchen. At least I’m doing something! I’m helping unpacking! And eating. Bethany stayed up until 3am making some kind of wonderful “twee” apple pie cookies. I can’t wait to eat them!!

Yesterday we tackled Little E’s room.

Here’s a before:

future unpacking site

And here’s an after:

that way

Not bad, right!? I can’t really take any interior designer credit since everything was pretty much going to go this way anyway, I just helped it get there a little faster.

this way

Looking the other way. We still have to find the rest of the shelves in the bookcases and hang the paintings. I wanted to wait to take pictures until after that but the sun was shining in the bedroom so nicely I couldn’t wait.

cozy little star corner

Such a happy sunny room for such a happy sunny girl.


She seems to like it.

Troy's old truck

Some details:

surfs up

I love this crazy wave painting by Joanna Hanson.

window decorations

Cool Japanese paper mobile from Bethany’s friends who used to live in Japan.


I think we’re all happy with it! Especially that red chair.