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Those Cat Ears

UntitledRrrrrrrawr!UntitledNutella toast anyone?Cat.Bug getting ready to write her own blog post all animal toys she is designing.Pet-go-roundBug just wrote her very own blog post. Actually she dictated and I typed but she's pretending she typed it.Kitty and the VadersThe kitty ears even go to ballet.Hooray for fried food!SistersDay off clothes. Everyday is her day off.UntitledUntitledKitty got her tail.Untitled"Take a picture of me in the street because I match!"UntitledWearing her prizes.UntitledCat ears to school.UsUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledFall?UntitledJungle catJazz CatUntitledUntitledBrain Freeze!Riding to school with Papa.

If you follow Bug and I on instagram you are probably very aware of Bug’s Cat Ears. She wears them every single day. In fact, she forgot them today (a first) and had to go to school without them. It was a tragedy. “How will my friends know it’s me?” she cried with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Silly kid. I almost drove home and got them for her but thankfully, I was able to convince her that the bow in her pony tail was sort of pointy and looked like cat ears if we tweaked it just so. The way she gets these obsessions drives me crazy and makes me love her more at the same time. She’s just so, Bug.


Since a lot people have asked me how I made Bug’s ears I finally put up a tutorial over on Alpha+Mom because they will be super handy for DIY Halloween costumes. It’s easier than you can imagine and as you have seen they hold up quite well. I think Bug even wore hers in the pool once and they are still going strong.

Also I have the world’s cutest neighbor:

Beautiful Frog Boy

Look at those eyes!