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Happy October!


I’ve decided that I love October now. I used to hate it but now that I have Little Hoo as my fictional buddy, I love it. So bring on Fall! (Hint, hint: Weather. Summer can get on out of here already with her bad self.)

Little Hoo is officially for sale now! Woot! If you were thinking of buying my latest book, please do! It’s available in paperback or ebook.


We also have a fun little fall craft up over at The Shiksa.com. We did this last year and Tori didn’t end up posting it because she had too many other posts going on but she’s using it now. Yay! Bug seems so little in the pictures.

happy kid

I mourn the days when she would wear dresses and let me braid her hair in two braids instead of one. Le sigh…

put the candle in

Also, gone are the days when she would model for me willingly. Now I have to pay her with frozen yogurt! Bah! Actually, that is a screaming deal since these posts are what are paying my rent these days. Well until my books take off.

Speaking of…

#sajinparis Aqui is NOT helping me finish #sajinparis .
(Bug helping me stay on task. Aqui not so much.)

I’m almost done with Secret Agent Josephine in Paris!!! Two more pages to go which I hope desperately to get done today so I can have my life back.

#sajinparis almost done!!

Hang in there Secret Agent Josephine!


  • Melissa K. in Nebraska

    That cat cup cracks me up. It’s like he’s looking out the window.

    Can’t wait for SAJ in Paris! What time do we start waiting in line? :-)

  • Another Elizabeth

    As probably the world’s most passionate Paris-o-phile (I know, I know, I have competition!), and as a definite SAJ-o-phile, I can’t wait for SAJ in Paris!!! Hooray! Am very excited!

  • SAJ

    Hopefully by Thanksgiving to make it in time for Christmas shopping but I’m desperately behind. I hope to turn in my final today and then it goes into editing and production for a while. I’ll keep everyone posted when I know. :)

  • OMSH

    It was 58 outside when I woke up. I was thrilled. It was 78 and climbing by the time I left the house though. Bah!

    Love the glimpses of all the books.
    OF COURSE they will take off! You are Secret Agent Josephine after all!

    Listen to Bug’s advice and keep on keeping on!

  • Kuky

    Huh I’m all caught up on reading! I was busily clicking next, next, next and I didn’t realize that this post is from today. I thought to myself: “WHAT?! How behind am I? How did I miss the release (oh my gawd I couldn’t remember how to spell that at first. I said it in aloud like six times thinking reliss or relist. Yikes, must be tired) of Little Hoo?” But I’m not behind. I’m all caught up! Can’t wait for Secret Agent Josephine in Paris.

  • mamalang

    I am so excited for you to release SAJ in Paris. I know how important that one is to you. We were out shopping this weekend and I kept seeing Paris themed items…made me think of you. :)

    I love Bug’s note. That is perfection.

  • BeachMama

    I am so excited for SAJ in Paris that I can hardly wait!!! Gifts all around for my nieces this Christmas!! If I can’t get to Paris, I will read it :)