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sketchbook catch-up vol. 11: sweaty


Oh hi! Old news! Sorry!


Apparently I can’t consult my phone calendar when I’m at the beach. This would be from the twelfth not the eleventh. I like this one even though my scanner wants to scan right through the page into the next and add lots of gray ghostiness that I cannot get out with all my usual photoshop tricks. There must be a better way. Please share if you are a scan wizard.


Oh yeah! The day I went for a long two hour sweaty walk and almost died! I forgot about that. I only had my phone and my keys on me and it seemed like the trail stretched on for ages but I kept on going and at last I found a Starbucks! I didn’t want to go in and just ask for water (even though I know they would give it to me) without buying anything and then I double checked my starbucks iphone app and someone mysterious had loaded ten bucks onto it! They saved me! I love that starbucks app.


More pool chronicles. Nothing new happening but lots of funny people to sketch. Also pretend you don’t see that letter “S” that was supposed to be a “T.” It’s not there! Do not believe your eyes!! What “S”? I don’t see an “S.” Sthopit.


Hmmmm…the Era of the CAT. I should probably write a whole blog post on that one of these days. Speaking of! (I shouldn’t say anything because I will most likely jinx myself but) I have made up a back-to-school schedule for myself and it includes a blog post every other day!!! That would be crazy.


  • Beachmama

    I love your illos. And yay for back to School! Apple goes full day this year so I am looking forward to getting a lot more work done as well. Already have lots of meetings booked that occur over lunch :)

  • norm

    Seriously, it’s been a sweasy couple of weeks, even up here. Our water bill reflects the additional showers … ! :(

  • bethany actually

    Oh! That ten bucks was me. I was reloading my own card, and for some reason I felt compelled to load ten bucks on your card, too. I think God must have known you were going to need Starbucks soon! :-)

  • Jen

    Every other day? That would be awesome. I have neglected my blogs. All of them. I’m not even sure which one I’m supposed to be writing in nowadays. :P I’m glad you didn’t die on your walk and that Bethany made sure you had a refreshment in the end! I’m ready for the sweasy days of summer are over! I’m ready for some changing leaves and cooler weather.

  • Kuky

    Sthopit. Ha ha ha!

    And I have a tip for the ghosting. Put a blank piece of paper behind that page and then it won’t pick up the next page. Unless the ghosting is from the the other side of the page, the back side. Then the not so great tip for that is don’t draw on the back page. Just draw on one page. I hate that though because then there are all those empty pages!! I did that once with a sketchbook of mine where the pages were too thin. And I’m having one of those cannot spell nights. I seriously spelled sketchbook freaking 4 times because it was wrong each time!!