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Furniture Rearranging

work central

You know what I like to do when I have a big huge project on my desk and I need a little time to perk-o-late upon it in my head? I like to rearrange furniture—because moving heavy things around for an hour or two always gets me in the mood to work. It doesn’t do that for you?

Hah! Who am I kidding. I was totally procrastinating.

I’ll blame it on the fig. The fiddle leaf fig of course.

grow little Figgy, grow!

I love my little Figgy. I talk to him. I play music for him. I examine his leaves carefully every day. He’s growing very very very slowly. He has not even put out a new leaf since I got him. But! at least he’s not dying! So far so good!

little plastic deer habitat

The other day I was reading about someone else’s Fiddle Leaf Fig plant and they said something about them liking a LOT of light. And while my apartment gets a lot of light all day long I decided poor Figgy was in a dark corner. Maybe he would grow faster (or at all) if he was surrounded by bright white kitchen light.

kitchen tray

That meant I had to borrow the old tool cabinet tray from under the television for Figgy to sit on in his new bright kitchen window.

No more tv!

And since the television is now getting kicked to the curb because the Olympics are over and its not sitting on the red tool cabinet anymore, I had to rearrange all my office furniture back to that corner.

Why yes, that is a big ol' Mexican blanket hunt up on the wall like art.

Then I had a great big blank spot in the living room so I hung my big old Mexican blanket on the wall. It’s kind of odd but I like it.

scary pumpkin

Then I sighed a big sigh and got back to work.

How do you procrastinate?


  • Bethany Thomas

    Is his name actually Figgy? That’s like someone naming their snake Snakey. Haha! And how do I procrastinate? How do I NOT procrastinate?!

  • Beth

    something about moving furniture and making a new view always works for me! and i like the blanket on the wall, and the hat! looks very colorfull and looks nice with Bugs table and chairs. ok get back to work now! lol

  • Amy

    I’m procrastinating RIGHT NOW! Which is why I’m here.

    I’m planning on rearranging my daughter’s room this Friday when my husband is out of town. He takes all the fun out of it by planning and overthinking things, and I like to just surprise my daughter by announcing out of the blue “let’s move your furniture!” and then start flinging things around like a crazy person.

  • Heather

    Speaking of plants I like the cactus in your work area. It’s kinda vulgar, so I think it would make me laugh every time I looked at it while trying to procrastinate.

  • Kuky

    Surf the Internet. Hmmmm autocorrect says Internet is with a capital I. Really? Learn something new every day. Or is it relearn? Did I know that and forget?

  • Angelina

    I arrange furniture too to get me moving!!!! Am a self confessed OCD when it comes to the home. And yes, I’ve got a fiddle leaf fig too!!!….waiting…waiting…for it to be a tree!!