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    Life As We Know It


    We are settling in and everything seems to be going smoothly. This has been our first week of our new “routine” and I think I really love it.

    First day at my new job. I work @caleel 's house 3 days a week. Free childcare in exchange for one hour of work. Not a bad deal and I get to be near Bug if she needs me.

    I have a “job” now. It’s not really a real job. I’m doing the same stuff I always do, working for myself. I just go to my friend and publisher, Calee’s house for three days a week and work there. In exchange for one hour of work for her, I get to use her nanny for four hours to watch Bug. It’s really cool because Bug can play with her friends while they are with their nanny and I can be near her if she needs me. So far they’ve gone to the park and gone swimming and done crafts together. I can’t think of a better set up. Such a deal for only one hour of work three times a week.


    But the best part is that since I’m away from home and someone is around watching me work (Calee has a whole office set up in her house with one other employee) I am more accountable. I can’t just get up and mop my floor if I feel like it or bake a batch of cookies when I want to procrastinate. I have to actually sit there and work for hours on end. You wouldn’t believe how productive I’ve been. I’ve accomplished more in two days than I usually get done in a whole week. It makes me think my old working style was pretty pathetic. I’m really excited about this new set up.


    Since I have to be there at eight in the morning it gets my day started early, which I like.


    And then when I’m “off” work I can do things like go swimming!

    Queen of the laundromat.

    Or laundry! I love my new laundromat. It’s nice and quiet on week days.


    We’re adjusting quite well.

    The Gang

    Bug is making friends…

    The hood.

    Fresh picked by Bug! I love our neighborhood.

    Yesterday we walked across the street to the Farmer’s Market (it’s open every day!) and picked strawberries and then we walked back across the street and got Thai iced tea at our favorite pho restaurant.


    Life is sweet. I have a lot to be thankful for. Thank you, sweet readers, for convincing me that this could happen. Now if I can just make it stick!