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    Giant Painting Headboard

    Naturally all I can think about these days is how I am going to decorate my new nearly all white apartment. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a giant painting like this as a headboard? I might have to channel my friend Deb and paint my own…I’ve heard there are ways to make big canvasses out of drop cloths that don’t cost an arm and a leg…thinking, thinking, thinking!

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    Bug’s Graduation

    There's my Girl.

    Bug graduated from kindergarten last week and I never got around to posting some photos. What a terrible blogging mom I am. Sheesh!

    a sea of paper hats

    It was a pretty big deal. I didn’t think much of it going into it because I don’t remember ever graduating from kindergarten myself but I guess they make a big to-do about it nowadays. This is really cool but I secretly think it’s a way to remind us yet again (I may be a bit bitter) that perfect attendance is rewarded heavily.

    looking backwards

    I’m sorry I hate to rant up a perfectly good post about something fun but the school drives me crazy with the perfect attendance thing. I know why they do it. They need the tax dollars…it’s just that I think kids should be allowed mental health days if they are otherwise doing well in school. I have such fond memories of my parents taking me out of school a day early so that we could go on long road trips. I think you learn twice as much outside the classroom as you do in the classroom and if I want to take my kid out of school for a day or two, I think that should be allowed and I shouldn’t get pestered with pre-recorded phone calls about Saturday School every ding-dong day.

    Sorry, I just had to get that out. Because of course they handed out big ol’ shiny gold trophies for perfect attendance and Bug did not understand why the kid who struggles to write his name got one and she didn’t.

    waiting in line for her diploma

    ANYWAY!!! It was a really sweet procession and if we weren’t all sweltering in the hot Southern California sun, I could have sat there watching cute little kids filing up on stage for their pretend paper diplomas all day. Doesn’t Bug look sweet in her new ombre graduation sundress?

    getting her diploma

    my BIG girl!

    That missing tooth kills me.

    posing with Grandma

    We tried to patch up the lack of a trophy with some grocery store flowers. They seemed to do the trick and who knows, maybe next year she’ll want to go to school every day so she can get a trophy. Or maybe she’ll get one by being on an all-star soccer team. I’m kinda hoping for the latter.

    I’m sorry I ranted so much. Really, I’m just super proud of my big girl. Man, she’s growing up fast.

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