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    Last Days of Kindergarten

    Most beloved BFF.

    Bug graduates from kindergarten today. It’s such a big deal. It’s been a really hard year and we’ve been coaching each other through it by counting down the days since probably December. So it’s kind of hard to believe that she’s going to be done with it all as of 10am. Yikes! My big girl is going to be a first grader!

    We are so ready for the summer vacation. No more hitting the snooze bar because we are so tired and forgot to go to bed early yet again. No more rushed breakfasts and skipping out on healthy things like eggs and toast. We can make pancakes again! No more stupid packed lunches that she doesn’t bother to eat anyway! No more homework! No more driving across town for me twice a day. My car is looking forward to that one. No more tear-fests at drop off. We are done, done, DUN!

    On the flip side, look at all these friends she is going to say goodbye too. We’ll try our best to stay in touch but I know it will be difficult, especially after we move. I’ve been telling everyone they can come visit us at the beach and sleep under our dining room table. We’ll see if anyone actually takes us up on that.

    water time

    The other day they had “Beach Day” at school and I got to stay and play. It was a blast. I think I’m ten shades darker, which I do not need.

    Noodling over. Hawaiian girl

    So many cute kids. I’ve fallen in love with all of them over the course of a year.

    Bug and the kid she had a crush on all year.

    Bug had a crush on this little boy the entire year. Thankfully he doesn’t know it and she’s too shy to tell him. Love is funny. Just because you’re six doesn’t mean you don’t feel every little heartache.

    "Let's pretend that guy behind us is not about to throw a sponge at your mom."

    squish I love this kid.

    This girl I adore. When I first saw her she was dressed up super fancy with perfect hair for picture day and I thought, Oh there goes the tall popular pretty blonde girl. Then I watched her at two birthday parties and she was the kid who was TOTALLY into crafts and ignoring everybody and everything else. Then I fell in love with her. She’s a total tomboy who doesn’t even know she’s beautiful. And her personality is cuter than a button. Just sayin’… don’t judge a book by it’s cover. :)

    BFF's coming out her ears

    The teacher’s daughter. What a buncha goofballs, right? I’m going to miss these kids.

    Beloved Mrs. McLamb

    This is Bug’s teacher, beloved Mrs. McLamb. We bought her a special gift for the last day and I can’t wait to give it to her. I really just don’t know how to say how thankful I am to her. This woman taught my daughter TO READ!!! I know Bug would have figured it out eventually and I could have taught her too but it just happened before my very eyes magically with next to no effort on my part. I don’t know how Mrs. McLamb wrangled 19 kids and taught them to read but she did. I think they are all reading and it’s a miracle. Trust me. I’ve been in their class and seen the circus.

    Not to mention how thankful I am for the tough love lessons I learned as I practically pushed Bug into her arms nearly every day at drop off. It was so hard. Bug would be crying, and running back to me for one more hug, one more kiss, one more weird little ritual and Mrs. McLamb would just keep saying “Good Morning! Good Morning!” which was really code for Let’s get this over already. She was tough with Bug but it was the only way that worked. Coddling her just made her fear worse. So I’m thankful. We’re going to miss her. If we ever do go back to visit we will be looking for Mrs. McLamb. It’s funny how the most painful lessons are the ones that stick.

    Enough sentimental stuff!

    and another BFF

    More friends!

    no diving

    time out


    underwater heart

    And underwater hearts! Boy am I glad I have a waterproof camera!


    catch! squishy

    ready, set, TOSS!

    They had a water ballon toss game which was a riot and a half. Pretty much anything you do with fifty-some kindergarteners is a riot and a half.

    beach bunny territory

    We’re going to miss these kids!