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The Great Apartment Search of 2012, Chapter One

I typeset my apartment search. Some people would make a spreadsheet. I would not be one of those people.

Apartment hunting is for the birds. It’s not that fun at all. There are all kinds of new and improved ways to find apartments nowadays like PadMapper and craigslist but there are no apartments to be found!! Well, at least no reasonably-priced ones that is. If you have a lot of money there are tons of beautiful places to live but personally I don’t have an extra four grand a month to throw around. It’s pathetic.

I found the perfect apartment within walking distance of the school I want Bug to go to and our favorite park. It was lovely. I could hear children laughing, birds singing…it was exactly what I was looking for. It was affordable too! The only catch? It was only 350 square feet. That’s basically the size of a dorm room. AND it didn’t have a kitchen, just a counter for a hotplate and a microwave.

I seriously considered it and even researched a solar oven. I made an appointment to look at the inside and then things took a turn for the worse. The landlord called me up and asked me to tell him a little bit about myself. I got to the part where I have a daughter and he stopped me. He wouldn’t even show it to me. It was inhumane to let a kid live there, he said. And that was that. My dreams of walking Bug to school were shut down like a rattly lid on a copy machine. Ker-slammo.

Then while I sat around in Toby’s house fiddling with all my various notes on different apartments another listing popped up on craigslist. I called on it immediately. Probably minutes after it was posted and made an appointment to see the place. Two hours later I showed up at the “nice bright airy apartment” and guess who was there to meet me? About ten other prospective renters doing the exact same thing I was.

TEN. TEN!!! people looking at a postage stamp-sized studio going for $1250 a month!! It was so small you had to turn sideways to go down a narrow hallway to get to the bathroom. I don’t know how they build these things to code. But it was cute. Nice hardware, nice windows, adorable Melrose Place-esque courtyard to share with two other tenants.

I might just go for it if the landlords choose me. Which they probably won’t because I don’t know if they really want a mom and her daughter living there. I did bring Bug around to meet them and I’m hoping she charmed them with her cuteness but they were a little distracted with the crazy party of prospective renters that were interrupting each other at every turn. So I’m a little discouraged.

Thankfully I have time. I don’t have to find a place until August. Something is bound to turn up. If you think of me maybe you could say a little prayer or call up your rich uncle who has property in Newport Beach and see if he wants to rent out that little casita by the pool.


  • bethany actually

    Blargh. Hunting for a place to live can be so frustrating. But having that much time is a luxury indeed, as is living close enough that you can go look at places in person. You are persistent. Something WILL come up.

  • a chris

    Woo. I’m not looking forward to house-hunting either. I think, and hope, that the landlord who turned you away was doing the right thing. I know how easy it is to get invested in something when you think it’s a unique chance, but between now and August you will find a better fit, one way or another.

  • Janey

    Have all my fingers and toes crossed that something perfect (or perfect enough) comes up soon.

  • Hil

    You can do it! Don’t be discouraged! Any place in that area is a treat, but I guess that is why it is so pricy, huh? No worries, though. A great place is out there. Just like it is out there for me! I’m looking to rent a pa farmhouse…

  • OMSH

    Ummm…August is it? So, that means I need to find an extra few hundred dollars for a plane ticket BACK to CA, no? Will we bring in our regular team of movers then? heh heh

  • BeachMama

    I am going to pray that you get that funky little place that had 10 other people show up. I am praying for you and Bug to have the best possible living space and I am praying that he/she read up on you, see your blog and realizes that they NEED you to live there because they will be blessed by having you.

    Prayers all around.

  • Marianne

    What about house-sitting for someone while you find the perfect place? or finding a housemate? :)

  • Heather

    just wanted to say good luck. may you find the perfect home for you and bug. i dont know bugs middle name but wanted to wish you the best.