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    Ranunculus Fields 2012

    orange (my fave)

    Bug and I visited the Carlsbad Ranunculus Fields a couple of weeks ago. It’s funny because there is nothing new to see at the fields from year to year. They pretty much look the same but I feel compelled to shell out the eleven dollars anyway because I love them so much. It’s tradition!

    tractor man

    The tractor ride with the recorded voices,


    The rows and rows in multicolors,





    her favorite

    Every year we discuss which color is our favorite. This year we decided it was red.

    red forever

    Pretty pretty red.

    a sea of ranunculus

    With orange at a close second.

    picture walk way

    This year they have little walkways into the flowers so you can take photos that look like you are in the thick of the flowers even though you really aren’t. As usual you are not allowed to pick any which is so frustrating but understandable of course.


    I would be deliriously happy if they let you pick your own flowers. Can you imagine? I would come home with armloads!


    walkin' with the tourists from Japan

    But one thing I thought about as we traveled over the old familiar grounds was how these flowers are appreciated the world over. There were so many tourists from Japan. It gave me a new appreciation of this amazing many petaled flower. How nice is it that I only have to drive an hour and a half to see such a wonder while others fly half way around the world!

    sweet pea maze

    Another thing different about this year was the sweet pea maze. Not how difficult it was. No, that was pretty much the same.

    Sweetpea maze!

    Bug beat me.

    What changed was how Bug wasted me getting through it this time. It seems like yesterday we couldn’t even go in because she was afraid of it.


    We also had strawberry shortcake this time which we’ve never had there before. It was delicious. Such sweet sweet berries! They were totally worth the five bucks we paid for them.


    Until next year pretty flower fields!



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    So this happened…

    Scary zombie mouth.

    She forgot to put her tooth under her pillow so I wrote a little note in my “tooth fairy writing” (aka really small chicken scratch that only I can do with my super nifty tokyo pen shop pens) that said, “Did you forget something.”

    When she found the note she looked at it for several minutes and said, Mom, this looks like writing in your pen. So I rattled on about how the tooth fairy probably borrowed my pen just like Santa Claus borrows our wrapping paper. She wasn’t buying it. Just like she doesn’t buy the Easter Bunny or Santa anymore. What have I done to this child?

    I tried really hard to let her believe in all the magical things of childhood for as long as I could but she’s just too dang smart.

    Pumpkin face.

    Toothless Monkey Smart.

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