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Backyard Resort

my backyard paradise

While I wrap my head around some other posts I’m supposed to be writing, I thought I’d share our latest backyard reverie.

showing my book when I told her not to little bug on Bug

coffee break

I worked all morning yesterday and when the temperature soared into the 90’s, I decided it was Kiddie Pool o’clock. Time to make an iced coffee cold coffee and unwind in the backyard. After we soaked a while and had a few splashfests, we decided the water was chilly so we needed some towels to lay out in the sun on. Then the sun was too bright so we added a tent. And well, you see where this is going. I like to call it The Sticks Five Star Resort.


Don’t you just want to take a nap? I did. Unfortunately Bug did not. She was calm and quiet looking at bugs for about fifteen minutes and then it was off to go yell on the driveway for the neighborhood kids to come over.

Do you ever have this problem? Neighbors that you don’t really want to co-mingle with but your kid is lonelier than a snickers bar at the bottom of a swimming pool? She is so sad and pathetic. I need to line up some play dates for her stat. It’s just that the neighborhood kids belong to a Dad who just got out of prison and I really really don’t want to go hang out over there so they can play together. I hate being the mean mom but he’s on the prowl for a new girlfriend and I ain’t gonna be it. Do you have that problem? Probably not. I need to move.

a bug!

Anyway, it was nice while it lasted.

Bug and Pink Kitty relax

farmer tan

We shall remember this house fondly and not think of neighborhood prison dads.


Sigh…Home Sweet Sticks.


  • Rebecca

    I’m glad this home was a good place for you guys while you needed it, but I am excited for you two to find your dream apartment back at the beach!

  • Sonja

    Your back yard resort looks dreamy! It’s been hot here, too – I bet Noah would enjoy a make-shift (aka airy) tent like yours. Maybe I’ll copy-cat you. :)

  • bethany

    I’m so glad you’re moving, but you’ve done an amazing job at making the best of a crappy situation. Rehabilitating the neighbors is not your job though, hope that dream apt shows up stat!

  • Cathy

    Yep, I would love to take a nap! When my daughter was in 4th grade, her best friend was a little girl who had been previously kidnapped by her druggie mother and her (sort of odd) father had to track her down to get his kids back. So yeah, my kid never went there for playdates, but I often brought her friend over after school. Sadly, they moved away and we don’t know what ever happened to them. Glad you’ll be moving away from prison dad!

  • Ninabi

    You always, always make every place you live special-magical-creative.

    It looks like fun but from one mom to another, yes, time to move. If I had the same neighbor (and I’ve lived in places where we had sketchy people next door) I’d be watching sweet Bug like a hawk and not letting her go over to the neighbors, either.

    I wonder if you could offer up your services as an artist in residence at a lovely beachside home that needs a long term renter where they could make you an excellent deal if you, a published author and illustrator, did some artistic work on their walls?

  • chiara

    can you please post how you made your cute tent? i know. I’m so lame. but I’m a city girl! thanks for reminding me to always try make childhood magical for my kids. happy memorial day!

  • chelsie

    You ARE an awesome mom… I know that your future is uncertain, but your love for Bug is not! What an adventure the two of you are on… blessings and prayers for peace of mind and for things to fall in to place for you both!

  • Juli

    long time reader (years!) but I have no idea what bug’s middle name is…. is that post just for close friends and relatives? I understand if it is :)

  • Lisa

    Oh, darn it! I have been reading (and commenting!) forever – but for the life of me, I can’t remember Bug’s middle name! The suspense is killing me! If the entry is just for family or close friends, no worries – but I’d live to hear your news :)