15 minute posts,  Bug

So this happened…

Scary zombie mouth.

She forgot to put her tooth under her pillow so I wrote a little note in my “tooth fairy writing” (aka really small chicken scratch that only I can do with my super nifty tokyo pen shop pens) that said, “Did you forget something.”

When she found the note she looked at it for several minutes and said, Mom, this looks like writing in your pen. So I rattled on about how the tooth fairy probably borrowed my pen just like Santa Claus borrows our wrapping paper. She wasn’t buying it. Just like she doesn’t buy the Easter Bunny or Santa anymore. What have I done to this child?

I tried really hard to let her believe in all the magical things of childhood for as long as I could but she’s just too dang smart.

Pumpkin face.

Toothless Monkey Smart.


  • Heather

    Well of course the tooth fairy had to borrow your pen. She doesn’t have room to carry one around in her bag of teeth, and I’m sure she’s not accustomed to having kids forget to put their teeth under their pillows and her having to stop to write notes. DANG!


    I hope she doesn’t spoil it for her classmates that are still believers. :)

  • a chris

    I never believed in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus or the Easter bunny, but it didn’t stop them from being magical and fun! ;)

  • cc

    Amber stopped believing at Bug’s age. Suki still believes. I leave left-hand-written notes. If you talk to Bug just tell her it’s important to play along for the sake of other kids who still believe. Plus sometimes it’s more fun to be in on the “secret.”

  • Kuky

    When I leave notes for Isabelle, I use a font from the printer. :-D I hope Isabelle believes for a long time. My dentist’s kids did for quite a while. Like I want to say they were over 10 when they stopped believing. It’s hard though. One of Isabelle’s friends is adamant about Santa not being real and I think he was talking to her about that. Why can’t they hold onto the magic longer?

  • bethany actually

    I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed ;-) but Bug has a pretty fantastic imagination and can play make-believe games for hours—nay, DAYS at a time. I’m pretty sure finding out the truth about the Tooth Fairy isn’t going to make her world any less magical.

  • bethany actually

    Also, as you know, I always knew Santa/the Easter Bunny/the Tooth Fairy were imaginary, but I still had fun pretending they were real as a kid. It made it like a game with my parents.

  • Madge

    Emily still “believes” as in, I think she knows the truth but won’t talk to me about it. I agree with Bethany, Bug has enough of an imagination to keep her world magical :)