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Book Tour Day 16: The Letter P!

P is for Pioneer Woman

Woooo Hooooo!

I love the part where Kenny says his spy glasses need mirrored edges because he can’t see anything in front of himself, much less what’s behind! He cracks me up.


  • SAJ

    Yes! Well at least my five year old loves them. I made them for her. :) I wouldn’t so much recommend the ABC’s since most five year olds know their alphabet by now but colors is fun because it plays with alliteration and numbers is especially fun because it counts spy gadgets and there’s little type about the spy gadgets that I think will even be fun for adults. We do use my alphabet flashcards quite often. Since my daughter is learning to write she’ll sometimes get stuck on a letter and ask, “How do I make a G?” and I’ll just direct her to the giraffe card on her wall. We taped all the alphabet cards to the wall next to her desk.

    Hope that helps!

    To sum up I think these books are best for 3-5 year olds but can be enjoyed by all ages. :)

  • Kristin A.

    Ok great!! Thanks!! My friends daughter is turning 5 but she has a little sister who is turning 2 so im going to get all three for them to share. thanks for getting back to me! i love giving books as gifts.