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woodland cupcakes

woodland cupcakes

Guess who’s turning SIX in January. Yep, Bug. I’m already gearing up for a woodland fairy-themed party with tons of inspiration via pinterest. Does anybody know where I can get some stumps? I need some stumps!


  • EmJay

    Totally, fun. I’m planning a Dr. Suess Birthday for my 5 year old this month, but next year woodland fairy seems like a good choice. I think I will start plotting by putting some fairy books on our reading list.

  • KelleyD

    The things I am missing out on for birthday parties having only boys so far! Last year was “Curious George Monster Truck” And a request has already been put in for a Gravedigger Monster Truck cake for the coming year *wistful sigh for woodland fairy themed birthday parties*

  • WendyLeeLee

    So SAJ how about the big marshmellows for the Stumps ….and EmJay Pier ! Imports has Dr Suess type hats in the Ornament Dept.( you can remove the hanging hook) as far party favors or place settings..And SAJ pics awesome as always