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Very Busy up in Here

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My neighbor, Wendy, has the best phrase ever. When she’s explaining something, like some crazy project she decided to pull off that normal people wouldn’t even try, she points to her head and says, “It’s very busy up here. Very busy.” It always makes me imagine all kinds of thought bubbles duking it out inside her skull.

Well that’s me these days. I kinda want to adopt her phrase. Forget spying into my little life, my new tagline should say “It’s very busy in here.” The frustrating thing is not a lot what is going on in my head is getting out on paper or anywhere productive. In fact most of what is in my brain is just floating away inside my car because all I seem to do is drive these days. Drive drive drive. I’m always driving somewhere.

But you know… you can’t win them all. At least I’m not staring at a screen wondering what to write.