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Sick Day

Well today isn't going to be very productive on the work front.

It’s like old times with my baby on my lap and I’m trying to mouse around with one arm holding her head up and my back kinked in some sort of awful angle. But you know how it is. When it’s your baby, it’s your baby. It doesn’t even matter that she’s almost six and all arms and legs falling off my lap. I just smell her hair and cherish every moment.

poor sick baby

And hope she’s better by tomorrow so she doesn’t miss her Thanksgiving concert that she was so excited to be in.


  • bethany actually

    Awww. I hope she’s feeling better too! I remember being so disappointed to miss a special Christmas concert when I was a kid. Tell Bug I hope she gets well fast, and I’ll say a prayer for her, and give her a kiss on the top of her head from me. :-)

  • Elizabeth

    Saying a little prayer for Bug to get better so she can attend her concert. My little (big) baby was a wet noodle on Monday and I relished holding her long, skinny little body and smelling her hair, too. I know exactly how you feel.

  • DeeJay

    Awww. Poor little Bug. When A.J. Was 9 he was sick with a 106 temp. All he wanted was to cuddle me while wrapped in my bath robe. He felt better but I was sweating profusely.

  • sioux

    i hope she feels better in time! but i have to say, those pix of the 2 of you are great, in an everyday, unposed, here-we-really-are, fabulous kind of way.

  • Carrie

    I hope she heals fast! Caring for sick kids is so exhausting but those cozy, loving cuddles make it so worth it. I’m glad to hear that they still dig that even at (nearly) 6 years old. (Where has the time gone?! SIX?!)

  • Peggi

    This so reminds me of when my youngest son was about 2 1/2. He was sick, and I laid him down on the couch and went into the kitchen to make dinner. He fussed and fussed, and my husband tried to soothe him but he wanted ME. At first I was annoyed, because I really needed to get dinner made. But I thought to myself, this might be the last time he really wants me, so I turned off the stove, asked DH to make PBJs for our older son, and snuggled my baby. He immediately calmed down and fell asleep in my arms. I held him like that for about 3 hours, and don’t regret one second of that because I was right – it WAS the last time he was that sick and wanted me to snuggle! He’s 10 now and it’s not cool to snug with your mom, ya know… I’m SO GLAD I listened to myself.

  • Jeanie

    I hope she is already feeling better and was able to be in the event. Motherhood can really bring out our best qualities, as evidenced here in these pictures. (so sweet)