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Her First Dance Recital

Bug's and her ballet teacher

This Saturday was Bug’s first dance recital. It was so awesome. Her performance itself was not awesome at all but we weren’t expecting much. She got up there on stage and smiled and looked cute in her adorable costume and that’s all we could ask for. That’s her teacher above. I love her so much. I’m really sad that she’s going to be Sleeping Beauty for Disney Tokyo in Japan and won’t be teaching ballet anymore. But it was really cool while it lasted. Bug is going to miss her.

Anyway, you want to see her performance right? It should load below if the internet is cooperating with me.

Yeah, stupid me. I didn’t make sure my camera was in focus before I started filming and then half the time I wasn’t even paying attention to the camera and let it list off to the side. I’m sorry about that. But you’ll have to forgive me. I was going bananas because my little itty bitty girl was up on stage!!! Oh, it was so cute. I may have cried a little bit.

I wasn’t even supposed to be filming. This is contraband footage you’re looking at. Although, between you and me, every single parent there was filming with their iphones and spy cameras. The theatre didn’t want us to film because they sell a super expensive dvd of the whole production at the end but Toby and I weren’t about to shell out money to the man.

That is until we sat through the entire production and had our socks blown off by how good it was. The little girls were so cute and the big girls were so amazing. I fell in love with dance all over again. And I’ve never even danced (outside of that one class I took in college where I kicked everyone accidentally.)

As soon as the curtain fell, Toby beelined it for the dvd sales desk. He was sold. Which is really cool because before this recital he was talking about having Bug drop out of ballet. He just never really thought it was that important. And since he is the one who pays for her to have gymnastics and ballet lessons (it’s part of our co-parenting deal), that’s kind of a bad thing for Bug and I who happen to LOVE ballet. Toby won’t admit it but I think he has ideas that Bug is going to be in the Olympics or something (not gonna happen thanks to my genes unfortunately) and he’s pretty competitive when it comes to how Bug does in sports. He’s a little hard on her. Before you worry though, don’t. I’m really easy on her so it evens out. She needs a little chiding here and there.

after recital photos

So anyway, ballet lessons have not been chopped from the budget! Whoooeeeeeee!!! All thanks to the most wonderful ballet recital production ever. I wish I had filmed the whole thing but it would have been too big of a file to put up here anyway and then I’d really get busted by the theatre company.


  • Michelle M

    She is THE CUTEST little bug in the whole entire world. Geez. This made ME cry and I don’t even know you IRL. Thank you soooo much for sharing it.

  • Ninabi

    So adorable! I’m so happy she gets to continue on in dance.

    And I’m sure it’s a lot of fun getting to keep- and wear- the costume after the recital is over!

    Your post brightened my morning!

  • OMSH

    Loved, loved, loved dance recitals.
    Jeff loved seeing Meredith and was ready to leave shortly thereafter.

    There is something magical about them though – definitely a neat little rite of passage.

    Bug looks precious. Tell her I’ll be sure to show the kids when they get home from their visit with their grandparents!

  • TexasLea

    Oh Brenda! She’s not my kid and I even cried watching this! That is the CUTEST thing ever to see her up there on that stage! Way to go Bug!!!!
    I’m so glad Toby had a change of heart on her taking dance classes. As long as she loves it I hope she gets to go. I don’t have a clue what all y’all did for him on Sunday but as far as I’m concerned he got the best gift a Daddy could have on Saturday watching his little girl do her thing!

  • Heather

    What a brave and beautiful ballerina you have there. That stage looked frighteningly huge. I couldn’t have done it. Great job Bug!!!!

  • anj

    ohmygoodness, Bug is just precious! She did awesome on stage — that alone is no easy feat. Congrats to her, and you guys, too for supporting her. (I also cried a little bit when I saw my 6yo play Peter Pan earlier this year. It was musical theater, and he was always a few steps behind the other kiddos, or injecting his own bit of flair… but we loved it all.)

  • Cathy

    Oh what a ballerina bundle of cuteness!!!! I just watched my newly 16yo this weekend in a dance recital and she started around Bug’s age, keep up the lessons, it’s so good for them!!

  • nikkapotamus

    so cute! We did the same thing out our daughter’s first recital (regarding the dvd). We totally caved and bought one. She loved it! She watched it over and over!
    Glad she’s going to keep dancing! She looks like she really enjoys it.