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sketchbook catchup vol. 6


Wow. These are so old. A whole month ago and I’m just now feeling the tingling of possibly another sore throat. If anything, these sketches are handy for me to keep track of how often I get sick. I thought I don’t get sick very often but maybe I am wrong. The tingling throat could be allergies too, you never know.

Anyway, COSTCO! What a crazy place. I have not figured out whether it is a savings for me or not. I love the prices but I just don’t have the room to store all that much stuff! I’d love to buy a gigantic box of toilet paper for the price of a small pack but I just don’t really feel like storing it all under my bed or in the back of my closet or hey, look here’s another roll in my glove compartment! Nice but not so practical.

And yes, there really was some kind of drama going down at the membership desk. I wish I would have written about it when it happened because now it’s foggy in my memory.


This has all already been blogged about. Yawn, snore.


I’ve been having a lot of bad days for months now. And I didn’t even know half the crap that was going to happen when I drew this. Things have only gotten worse but you know what? Only I can make myself happy. So I am not going to play victim to this. Besides, we have tricycles that can be ridden! (Not by me of course) If that’s not a good reason to keep on smiling, then I don’t know what is.


Ahhhh… oldies in the laundromat, the soundtrack of my life. Sometimes when I hear old top 40 songs from the 50’s and 60’s they comfort me even though the songs are super cheesy and annoying in their repetitive melodies. I think it’s mostly because the songs remind me of my Dad who can be super cheesy, repetitive and surprisingly not annoying. Mostly he’s just comforting. Lots of days I really wish I could cry into my Dad’s shoulder and be a little girl again. But here I am stuck in this thirty-eight-year-old body with all kinds of responsibilities and crap. Blarg.

Why am I bringing you all down? I’m sorry! Happy fun sketches! Face painting! Woot!


I thought about not including this sketch because it dwells on two controversial issues. However both instances completely worked out so everything is fine in the end.

First of all trying on clothes at the Gap was a really bad experience but I don’t think this reflects on the brand at all. I think it is purely the store near my house. I love Gap clothes and I love their style. I’ve found plenty of items over the years that fit me just fine. It’s just that I happen to live in a little microcosm of America that is populated by a majority of size two women. It’s freakish and everyday I wonder if they are trying to squeeze me out.

Secondly, my reunion was fine. It was silly that I had any anxiety at all about gaining 20 pounds over the span of 20 years. Nobody cares! Once I was there I hardly gave my appearance another thought (which is refreshing, really). I had a great time catching up with old friends and acquaintances. Lots of people I met had way way way bigger problems than I’ve ever had and they never stopped talking about them! It was like I had a sign on my forehead that said, “Talk my ear off! I’ve got all night!” My problems slid right under the radar and I felt surprisingly normal for a change. Reunion: in the can!


Sigh… my birthday and babysitting. I have a niggling feeling that the new family I babysat for didn’t like me. I’ve given up on my idea of being a nanny. I’m not really as good with kids as everyone thinks I am. I love kids…I just don’t think it’s my thing. Being a mom is enough for me.

I got a haircut, a trim really. Bug too. I thought I’d save some money and have my hair dresser skip on the styling part. Big mistake. She charged me just as much as usual, which was more than I had so I had to walk down the street to a bar and get money out of those stupid ATM machines that charge you three dollars for the convenience. It was yucky too because I had to take Bug with me.

So there I was walking through a dark bar with a sticky floor, getting money while a group of professional drinkers looked on from their mid-day drunkeness. Thankfully, they were all happy and smiling and not leering at me for bringing my kid into a bar. I got out of there as quick as I could but not without vowing to myself that I better find a new, cheaper hair dresser. It’s too bad too because I thought I really liked this girl. It’s probably not personal, it’s just business. Still, I gotta find somebody cheaper—like maybe my mom and the kitchen scissors if I just want a “trim.”

And next we have sad thoughts. UGH! Why do my sketchbooks give me away like this?!! Yes, I know they are STUPID sad thoughts. Stupid, stupid, stupid thoughts that I would NEVER act on because firstly, I am not that stupid and secondly I don’t have that much willpower. Moving on…

Lillith Fair! Woo Hoo! I can’t wait until you guys get to read my review. It’s getting approved by the sponsors and going through some editing. I really really hope I don’t have to rewrite it again because it was a super fun concert and I think my review rocked! I’ll keep you posted on that.

Lastly, the Irish Princess crown broke. There were tears and tears and tears but secretly I was relieved because I was tired of it. She wore it every day for a week.

And that’s all I drew! Enough, I think.


  • DeeJay

    Oh! and the snore thing…I used to fret over the possibility that I may snore at night and my husband may hear. Now, he tells me “you were snoring last night” and I’m all , like, “Sorry dude.” heh

  • Li'l Magoolie

    wowee wow wow! reading that took me ages so i can just imagine how long it took to draw/document!! as usual, totally loving your sketches. can’t make out what the giant pack was of in your first post but am intrigued. also can’t wait to read about lilith fair!! p.s i have sad thoughts too – i just don’t have the skill to sketch them out like you do! ;-)

    SAJ says: chicken! :)

  • bethany actually

    I know exactly what you mean about oldies at the laundromat. And I smiled to read what you wrote about your dad. It’s a perfect description of him!

    I think the sad stuff comes out in your sketches because that’s how you work that stuff out. Anyone’s journal would look (or read, for us less artistically-inclined) the same, I bet.

  • Melissa

    Yay! Sketches are back! Sad, stupid thoughts are normal – I don’t think anybody gets spared from those. Mad props to you for attending your 20th year high school reunion. I haven’t been to one yet and never intend too. I think Facebook is enough of a high school reunion for me.

  • Kuky

    Yeah good for you going to your reunion. Like Melissa, I’ve never been to one of mine either. And I actually get quite peeved when high school people find me on Facebook. I feel obligated to friend them. Wow I’m coming over as a real grouch in this comment. :)

  • HoboBabys Mom

    I think most of my thoughts are on the dark side sometimes too. It makes me feel better to think it, like if I keep it tucked down I might end up with an ulcer or something. Plus when I see that sweet baby girl of mine smiling back I remember that it isn’t all bad, and at least what she and I have is super great. I love your sketchbook posts, as they always make me feel like I’m not alone. :)

  • Jen

    1. I love your sketches because of their honesty, humor, and MY WORD WOMAN, YOUR DRAWINGS ARE AMAZING!

    2. Being a grownup really SUCKS sometimes.

    3. Looking forward to reading your Lilith review!

  • a chris

    Tierd: I say it a lot these days and I can confirm the spelling. Ti-ERD.

    Well done scoring an outing to Lilith Fair! Looking forward to the review.

    Two is not a healthy size for most people’s skeletons.

    You don’t look as old as you claim to be…can I see some identification, please?

    Sad thoughts and all, these are things you did and thoughts and feelings that would otherwise be easy to lose in the current of time. Takes guts to share though!

  • Kate

    I’m convinced there are so many size 2s and 4s on the sales racks because not many people wear those sizes so there are always a bunch leftover.

  • Leesa

    sorry to hear you’ve had a sad patch (we all get them now and again)- hope things are cheering up for you all now

  • Dad

    Punkin(SAJ will allways be Punkin to me even though I find myself calling all my grandaughters ‘Punkin’) I wish too it was thirty five year ago and I could hold you again in my arms (this is making me cry, it’s hard to type on an iPhone screen through tears).
    Thanks for the memories.
    Sorry you have to have sad times… Wish I could kiss it and make it all better.

  • shawntelle p.

    You turned a random yellowish blob into an afternoon hamburger treat. I love your creativity!

  • BeachMama

    Ok so I am the worst blogging friend, I missed your birthday!! Happy Birthday SAJ! Your sketches are your diary they reflect how you feel when you are drawing them. The difference is some of us drown our feelings in cookies and treats and some of us draw it all out. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have some bad days in between the good. And your Dad ROCKS.

  • lynne

    I’m back in London now and enjoying catching up with your blog during my lunch break, although I am battling jet lag zzzzz. Now I’ve met you in real life I don’t understand why size small dresses don’t fit you, you’re a pixie! Who wears a size 2 anyway?!! Where do these women put their lunch? We have to havea bit of belly flab to sit down , right?

    I’m really happy to say your precious plate survived the journey and is now on my dresser. Thank you again for a wonderful day xxxx