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    So this is what I’ve been working on lately. I don’t usually blog my work but I want to someday when I ramp up my business site (which doesn’t exist yet). Anyway I asked Bethany if she’d mind if I posted her banners I’ve recently made and she said go for it! It’s great working with friends.


    I especially love this one. My execution is not perfect but I love the idea of Annalie as Katara from The Last Avatar. When I was visiting the Actually’s this last Spring I witnessed Annalie’s infatuation with Avatar. She dresses up in all kinds of interesting outfits (usually made from pieces and parts of other costumes) and dances around the room with great sweeping arm motions. She’s water-bending of course.


    And lastly, this one. Bethany’s pregnant, as most of you know. Being pregnant has muddled her brain a bit (as it commonly does) and she’s found herself making all kinds of silly mistakes like misplacing things, forgetting things and making typos on instant messenger…which is great because now she’s finally knows what it feels like to be me!