What day is it today?


I’ve got another illustrated post up over at Oxford Learning all about learning the days of the week.


  • Jess

    We’re working on that at our house, too! It’s especially complicated since 5 of the days are “go to daycare” days. One of my kids calls daycare “home” (ouch) and the older one calls our house “home”, so you have to be careful who is listening when you say it’s a stay at home day. Sundays are wear a dress days for us, too. Saturdays are sleep until you wake up days. I want a beach day. That’s fantastic.

  • Leesa

    hi there- I have 2 great songs that easily teach the days of the week- do you love to sing with Bug? One is to the tune of “the Adam’s family” and we love it:

    There’s Sunday and there’s Monday
    there’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday
    there’s Thursday and there’s Friday
    and then there’s Saturday!
    days of the week (clap clap) days of the week (clap clap)
    days of the week, days of the week, days of the week!

    and repeat forever mindlessly…
    the other one sings about what you do on each day (eg Wednesday is library day- we’re having so much fun!) maybe let me know if you want the details for that one, I hate to bore people!