• Eye Spy

    homemade watercolors!


    Something fun to while away an afternoon. We are no strangers to watercolor painting in my house. We’ve painted with toothbrushes, marbles and straws…and even leaves but we have NOT made our own watercolor paint from scratch This might just be a kitchen experiment we have to try! Jean says the paint might be kind of chalky but that sounds like something fun and different to me!

  • stealth club

    Zenry Be-Bop it is!


    Congratulations Jen Bo, Kristen and Cathy for naming the space birdy! Bug picked the winner so you can quibble it out with her if you don’t like the name. I will be mailing out a little batch of Zenry stationery to the winners so shoot me your snail mail address if you are the winner!

    Zenry coloring sheet

    Speaking of winners we have another contest! A coloring creative writing contest! It’s just like school around here. All you have to do is color in this coloring sheet of Zenry Be-Bop and write two or more sentences about what Zenry is doing in outer space. Age is not important. The most creative contestant to submit their coloring sheet to my Undercover Crafts club will also win a pack of Zenry stationery!

    Woot! I’ll pick the winner in about a week. I’ll let you know when I’m going to cut off submissions…that is, assuming we have submissions.