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sketchbook catchup vol. 3


Oh me oh my it’s been a long time…I could just let these fall by the wayside but I figure you guys will find my failures interesting. I know I find other people’s. I call myself an artist but I’m not really doing much art these days. It’s been such a struggle balancing freelance work with mothering. You know how I found balance? I’m working less. I miss it but something had to give.

So this is a sketch leftover from my visit to D.C. It’s kind of self explanatory. I wasn’t going to post it but I thought the illo of not knowing how to dress for the weather was funny.


Then we got home and I hit a real rough patch. The first day back was fine and I felt like I was really accomplishing things. Getting unpacked, grocery shopping, resuming chores…whooooo-eeee I’m a domestic Queen! But my steam quickly ran out when I realized it was just ordinary real life again and there weren’t going to be any more fun adventures for a while. That and I suck at dieting. I don’t know why I keep trying. It always ends with me feeling like a major failure.


And then there’s this page. I just kept opening my sketchbook and attempting to sketch over and over. I’d get as far as the date and then I’d close the book and run off to do something else. I do like writing the date though. Maybe I’ll just embrace that and create a giant painting of just dates. I know it’s weird but this is me and my life these days. I just write the date.

I also take walks and forget to put on deodorant. Don’t you love it when that happens?

I’ve also been on a reading kick. Books are great because I can watch Bug with one eye and read with the other and then when she interrupts me (like she does all the live long day) I don’t snap at her because it’s not like I’m in the middle of a complicated project… it’s just a book. I can pick it up and put it down. Now I know why my mom read so many books when I was a kid.


Lastly, some random sketches. This page is pretty pathetic. I need to take more time when I draw. I should just scrap it but I’m sharing my low points today. I do like the scraggly haired Bug at the top and the mama bear at the bottom.

Now you’re all caught up. Maybe I’ll be more motivated to draw more skillfully now!


  • bethany actually

    Dude, quit knocking your drawings! They’re sketches, they’re supposed to be quick and dashed off and more about the emotion of the moment than anything, right? Or so a wise person once told me… :-)

  • a chris

    I often wonder if you’ve heard about Enrico Casarosa’s Sketchcrawl events (sketchcrawl.com). He’s a Pixar storyboard artist by day but a few years ago started a website to make it a sort of social event to go walking and sketching for a day, individually or in groups. He uses a pen or pencil, and applies washes with water-brush pens (awesome invention) and a pocket watercolour set.

    I did one a long time ago (possibly the first organized one), stayed out all day in cold rain, got really sick, and never did one again. But I keep liking the idea and may try to do one this spring or summer. The next one is May 15th.

  • Kuky

    Yeah I second what Bethany wrote. It’s about the emotion and the moment.

    I love your sketches just the way they are. I think there’s plenty of skill there. And I like how you place everything. Feels right. Mine feel so blocky.

  • noe

    a. love bug twitters! i come every day to see what she said!!!
    b. totally LOVE your drawings of yourself. LOL i like that you always draw something on your shirts. You never wear plain shirts. LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  • pinky

    I enjoy your sketches in any form you post them – the expressions you put on Flat Brenda’s face are always priceless :-)

    curious – what is in your skinny shake? I am always looking for healthy things to have in the morning rather than skipping breakfast.

  • BeachMama

    Yeah, what Bethany Actually says…

    I love your drawings and J is sitting beside me loving them too, may you just inspired him he wants to get his book and draw!!

    And the diet thing… I think there is something seriously wrong with me, I just spent three weeks drinking shakes and eating nothing and all I lost was five pounds the first week and here I sit, still feeling fat. So I am having a glass of red wine, my fave :)