Painting in the Afternoon

warm spring afternoon

We painted today. It’s been a long time. Painting doesn’t come super easily for me. I still struggle trying to get what I see to come out the same on the paper but the process, even with all the mistakes, is enjoyable. Bug is getting the hang of it too.

brushes painting with Mommy's paints




We were painting flowers that we picked from our walk around the block. Bug is pretty good at drawing herself and happy faces with hearts. I thought it was time she learn to draw things that she can see. Still lifes. We have a long way to go but I think she did really good for a four year old. Probably better than I did at her age.

white flowers my little artist

posy painting on the patio

I don’t know what this light yellow flower is called. I called it a moonflower but I looked that up and that’s wrong. Does anyone know?

still lifes

I don’t know what I liked better: painting the flowers or just having them around to take pictures of. I think we’ll have to do this again.