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Home Sweet Home


Sigh. We’re finally home. Or maybe I should say I’m finally getting around to posting about being home. I’m finding it a bit tricky to adjust to the real life routine but I should be back to normal soon…I hope! I wrote a thousand posts in my brain today when I was miles away from my laptop but now that I actually have some sit-down time with my beloved laptop, I feel my pillow calling me instead. Isn’t that how it always is?

So I’ll just leave you with some photos and fill you in on the rest later.

Home Sweet Home 1st castle of Spring

seagul watch

dancing with shadows

whas up?


  • DeeJay

    Glad you made it home. A detailed post would be grand, but you need your rest. Take care of you so you can care for your lovies.

    We love the pictures of Bug, but that last photo of the little pink chick on the sand is absolutely adorable!

    Welcome home, Brenda!

  • Kate

    LOVE the pics..especially the sun flowers looking over the ocean. Beautiful!

    Glad you made it home. You’ll get back in the groove…give it a few days. :)

  • Clownfish

    As a Facebook addict, I was looking for the “Like” button :) Don’t worry, I’m getting FB therapy and am going to try the new FB patch.

  • gingermog

    Bit late to comment on this post I know… but I do love the light of the beach photo with Bug in it. Me and my sister went for a walk on the beach near our family home this Easter which we know every inch of. We wondered if it was possible to get as attached to a beach that you did not grow up next too. Hmm what do you think?