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Drastic Measures

before after

Do you know what bad days are good for? For cutting your hair, that’s what. I know. I know. I know. I can see you shaking your head in disapproval but before you launch into a lecture about doing things in haste that I’ll regret later, let me share with you that my original idea of a haircut was for my whole head. I showed some restraint. I only hacked off my long flowing (in the wind) side-swept bangs.

It was so windy today. Bug and I went to the mall (not to buy things of course but to admire the koi pond and otherwise waste time) and my stupid bangs were blowing all over the place. Most of the time they were floating above my head four inches high. I am so so so sick of these stupid bangs. When I am home, I cannot stand them touching my forehead and falling into my eyes so I pull them back out of my face with a big fat clip or a bobby pin. Unfortunately, I am not one of those cute girls for whom this is a good look. I’m embarrassed even for Toby to see me but sometimes you just have to get the dishes done, you know?

So after admiring mannequin after mannequin, and skinny OC housewife after skinny OC housewife…all flaunting their blunt-cut looks so chic and suave, I decided to throw my rebellion against this trend TO THE WIND! and just embrace it. My hair was meant to be cut this way. I have two cowlicks at the back of my head that force all of my hair to grow forward onto my face. I might as well just get a bowl, cut it and be done with it.

the eyes, they crazy

Now, I realize this is probably not the best look for me and my crazy face. (Yes, I do think one of my eyes is upside down.) As you know, I don’t color my hair and I have quite a few wiry grays. Sometimes I think my hair looks like a broom. You might as well just flip me over and sweep up those crumbs. The doll-face look might be hideous on me. But I just don’t care any more! At least not today. I’ll probably regret it for the next three months that it takes to grow out but today I am happy and carefree! Not a single strand of hair is in my eyes or tickling my nose and it feels GOOD!!!

Do you hear that wind? I said, bring it!


  • Leesa

    I know! I HATE hair tickling my face too. I love it when the hairdresser is finished and it’s all styled and nice, but after 10 minutes at home trying to do anything I’ve pulled it back into the old pony tail again because I just can’t stand the tickle.
    It looks good anyway. I have my first few grey hairs too- am not sure if I’ll be brave enough to leave them or can be bothered enough to colour it regularly, so plan A at the moment is just to pull them out- but I know I can’t do this forever!

  • DeeJay

    hmmmm upsidedown eyeball..that’s kinda cool actually…can you roll it around like the chameleons do? That would be an awesome party trick or conversation piece…..I’m just sayin’….

  • OMSH

    It took me a year to get used to my hair TOUCHING my face. Some days I long for the short spike for that very reason!

    You look adorable in any cut – yeah, you know you do.

  • Kate

    I love it all – the DIY haircut, the gray hair, and the end result! You did a great job and it is super cute on you!

  • Ruth

    Ooooh, I often revert to chopping my own hair in haste. I usually regret it, but I can probably do a better job than my hairdresser could have! This style looks GREAT on you though–definitely keep it!

  • Aneets

    I think it looks great on you- I got bangs (though in Australia we call it a fringe) a couple of years ago and love it- cheaper than botox!

  • anna b bonkers

    That is my favorite look ever!!!! I want it too but I don’t think I could ever pull it off with my thin wisps:( You are rocking it, looooove it!

    Oh my gosh, the mail man just came as I was writing this! Ha, ha, what a hoot, a postcard for Hudson, I love it!!!! Kiss BB for me!

  • Heather

    You should talk to Whoorl about doing a friends segment on Hair Thursday and let her readers decide a new look for you. I think you’d like it.

    SAJ says: Thanks but, no. Whoorl has a four year wait! And I’ve asked her for hair advice a zillion times already. She can’t help a girl like me who won’t spend more than ten minutes on her hair in the morning. (I don’t own a decent brush. I hate blow-dryers and product…) I’m what is considered a hopeless cause.

  • chidori

    Oh, I think your new bangs are really cute! I actually trim my own bangs as well after taking the plunge and lopping off my single-length hair. Sometimes I have … er, wonky hair days that make me want to cut them to my hairline, but restraint wins out usually. I did once braid all my hair in the back and cut it all off in one fell swoop at the nape of my neck. My son was 16 months old at the time, and he grabbed the braid and ran off with it! I was hoping to donate it to Locks of Love or something, but by the time I wrestled it back from him, it looked like I’d amputated some poor wild animal’s tail. I let the salon do the cutting in the back now while I take care of the front …

    And you know what? Hurray for letting your grays show! I think you look great exactly the way you are!

  • jaynette

    I used to cut my hair all the time. Then one day I realized I only did it when I had had too much to drink. Super Cuts is only $15. They do an okay job. They never quite understand that I only want to spend 2 minutes dealing with my hair. It helps that I just don’t care. The wild hair look seems to go with the no make-up looks. I don’t know how my husband can stand me!!

  • a chris

    But wait — how did you get that photo of you cutting it? I see both your hands… Did Toby take it for you?

    Yay for not liking to spend time on hair and yay for not colouring it! I actually get my husband to do mine — just cut it all to my shoulders once in a while so it’ll dry faster. I toy with the idea of a “real” hairdo occasionally…

  • SuzRocks

    I can’t believe you cut your own bangs and it looks so good! I tried to trim mine last week and I ended up looking like a 2nd grader on crack with a handful of scissors took a disliking to me…..


    I like it!! I watched “The Happening” the other night (don’t waste your time on that one…) and it reminds me of Zooey Deschanel’s hair in the movie – it totally works!!

  • pinky

    You were born to have bangs like this! I think blunt, heavy bangs are flattering to all women, and you should celebrate your head’s ability to have them :-)

    (I say this as someone whose single attempt with bangs looked like Donald Trump’s combover, so I know good bangs when I see them.)

  • Kate

    OMG, I laughed out loud when you said you think one of your eyes is upside down!! I have that same problem, only I never thought of it that way. LOL But YES! I think one my eyes is upside down too!

    Totally cute hair though. Good job.

  • ioi

    my cowlicks are in the front, so my bangs are never nice and straight like yours! Maybe hopeless causes are genetic? ;) I like your new cut.

  • trish

    I’ve a long history of cutting my own hair because I’m like you and stylists don’t understand that I don’t style my hair so the haircuts inevitably look horrible the next day. For my bangs I use thinning shears on the last 1/4 to 1/2 an inch (straight across) to sort of soften the edges. I’m sure it’s a no-no but it seems to look okay most of the time…

  • MW

    You look GREAT! Like a cool french girl…I think the blunt bangs are very flattering.

    I also I admire the guts it takes to cut your own hair – I’m way too chicken! :)

  • BeachMama

    I love it! I don’t know what you are talking about with the upside down eye, but you have a very chic look and you can dress it many ways. Embrace it, go with it and cut your bangs, you did a great job.

  • Jenna

    I love the bangs!! Tres chic!! And fyi, that can NOT be gray hair that you have. It looks for all the world just like Silver Sparkle Highlights, which btw, not just anyone can throw money around and get. SSH are only for the super cool, ultra sophisticated people that have shown enough wisdom to merit sporting this kind of look. Kudos to you. You wear them well. ;-)

  • Dana

    Why the no coloring of the hair? I think it would look even more awesome if you kicked those greys outta there. I’m at the crossroads right now of deciding to grow out my bangs again or start hacking them off myself. Haven’t decided yet :)

  • Robin

    “Why the no coloring of the hair? I think it would look even more awesome if you kicked those greys outta there.”

    Maybe she just wants to be natural. I honestly think that some women look worse who constantly dye their grey because you can see how obvious it is. It starts to look inky and the hair doesn’t match the aging on the face. I don’t know how old SAJ is, but she still looks relatively young. And she isn’t high maintenance, so I don’t think she would even keep up with regular coloring. Plus, the chemicals in hair dye are pretty nasty. I would love for SAJ to chime in here though. I’m sure she has a perfectly good reason for not coloring her hair.

  • SAJ

    Yes, those are the reasons I don’t dye my hair. Mostly it is because my mother never did and my grandmother never did and I think their hair is beautiful. I just want to grow old naturally the way they did. I do know lots of women who dye their hair and it looks great. I died my hair all sorts of colors when I was in my 20’s and it was fun but I was terrible at keeping it up. I’d let it grow out and my hair was constantly dry and brittle. While natural brown roots look funky, gray ones don’t. AND it cost me an arm and a leg. So I’m lazy, cheap and I think gray hair might look cool on me.

  • Dana

    I don’t know SAJ well enough to know why she doesn’t color her hair so I just thought I would ask.

  • Janna

    I love the long hair and blunt cut bang look. I think it looks best on brunettes and it looks great on you! I’m a blonde and do not think I can pull this off. I can do side sweeped bangs, but not blunt cut. Cut do and props to you for doing it yourself.

  • Ninabi

    Very pretty. You have such nice thick hair and brave you for doing your own bangs (it’s the land of thin limp hair at my house, unfortunately!)

  • Saple

    I almost tell me friend to tell me to step away from the scissors but it is hair it will grow back..