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sketchbook catchup vol. 2


Hmmm… according to my sketches it’s business as usual. We discovered a new grocery store where the produce is cheap (thanks to Calee). Three-pack bags of Hearts of Romaine for 79 cents!!! So cheap! You can also buy a lot of Persian and Indian food there which is kind of exciting. Also, Lemon Week ended but you already knew that. Moving on…


Sometimes Toby has us run business errands for him. We dropped off a cd of his photos at the local mall office. So we had a little girly-date while we were there. Painting our nails sneakily at Sephora, a quick snack from a coffee shop that was not Starbucks…nothing too exciting. But I guess all that mall-hopping tired out Bug and she took a nap. Which is fine and good except we sort of had a play date scheduled. Oops. Thankfully the play-date’s mom had a slew of her own errands to do and our flakiness freed up her day to get other things done. Then on Sunday we high-tailed it to the Sticks!

The ghost toy you see is this silly plush thing that the kids I babysit gave to Bug. It is kind of cute, I admit but we went to meeting on Sunday where Halloween is frowned upon. So having my kid wave around a ghost was sort of embarrassing for me. I tried not to sweat it too much. Kids are kids and they get attached to funny things. Besides the ghost face is pretty cute with bugged out eyes and a tongue that actually sticks out.

We spent a lot of time in the Sticks actually. I went out there so CC could help me sort out my income and receipts etc…so I can do my taxes soon. I did sketch a lot but the sketches are all of me FREAKING OUT because I hate this time of year and all the stress it causes.


Back home again just in time for more babysitting, some freelance work and you know, momming.


I’m a little under the weather. Nothing too terrible, just two bugs in a row which is kind of a drag. We went to the beach yesterday. It was really nice and warm. Not warm enough to swim but Bug managed to get completely wet anyway. Of course I didn’t put her in a swimsuit (Because the water is ICE cold and who wants to swim in that?!!!) and then she got her clothes wet and ended up running around the beach in her pink panties. Lovely. At least the beach was deserted. And that’s that! Lots of things on the horizon I’m looking forward to. One of them a trip to Washington D.C.!


  • pinky

    yay! so happy to see this post, very meaty!

    I’ll admit I chuckled when I saw the part in the illustration about bug taking her new ghostie to meeting, I needed no explanation :-)

    and a printer who didn’t know what letterpress is? is that more of a boutique thing? That seems nutty to me but I am not a printer.

  • Kuky

    She wouldn’t eat the watermelon? Well at least she didn’t gag and throw up right? :-D Isabelle does that sometimes, sooooo dramatic over a little piece of food.

    Why didn’t you eat the roman chicken and potatoes? I’m guessing you had the salad.

    I really like how you used the blue. I’ve started sketching. And I’m going to use purple one of these days. Because…I accidentally got two purple pens when I meant to buy two blacks. DUH.

    Yeah I read that Bethany was looking up price of tickets to go out to her. How fun!! A trip to DC!

    And wow I had a lot to say. But you drew a lot that I wanted to comment on. :)

  • Amanda (aka Nascar_girl_24)

    I don’t think I have ever told you how much I love reading these updates. I completely understand why my students love reading graphic novels…this is the graphic blog version.
    Sorry to hear you’re under the weather…hope you feel better soon.

  • A Forest Frolic

    Oh how I love your sketchbook…it’s such a fun way to document your days! I do hope you feel better soon. Am a bit jealous of the beach day you had, tee hee ;) Aaaaand, when you come here to DC please don’t wish any more snow upon us, tee hee ;) I am soooo over it! We still have piles laying all over the place. Safe travels and I hope you have fun!

    Jamie :)

  • Melanie

    I too Lurve the sketchbooks. I also need to know why you did not eat your gorgeous meal? I also love that you talk about financial stuff, and trying to not spend money…so REAL. It gives me ideas on the cheap, as we seem to have gone from paycheck to paycheck to overdraft to overdraft??? A lot to love from the catchup, or catsup. Keep oon rockin’…..the pens, keys etc….

  • gingermog

    Hee hee I am procrastinating getting on with my homework ” weekend work” by enjoying your bee- u-ti-ful sketches. Makes me itch to bust out my pencils. I don’t like watermelon either. I know how weird. I love the colours of the big green ones with their lush pink insides but I don’t really like the texture of the fruit. I don’t like cucumber either ‘cept now I’m an adult it doesn’t ruin my day if some finds its way into my sandwich. Hope you feel better soon and less mump like. Hugs.

  • JaeElle

    Wow! You’re coming to DC. Pretty cool. I hear that we may get snow again on Tuesday. You should wait until the Cherry Blossoms festival.

  • Gramma

    Freckles says that big blocks of watermelon in the blender with yogurt and a banana make a great breakfast smoothie. Bet Bug would like that!

  • a chris

    Way to keep up the sketching!

    How can anyone not like watermelon?…although I have to admit after reading that all, I wouldn’t mind some Cheetos.

    Excited for you taking that trip to DC!

  • BeachMama

    You are always so busy! I am so happy for you that your freelance is going well, nothing beats stress than knowing your work is going the right way. Tax time sucks, but we all make it through.

    And how exciting that you are already heading East to DC! Is this your first trip East? The Actually’s will love having you there to unpack and hang out.

  • Ninabi

    These illustrated diaries are such fun to read- all the little details that make up your day. I need to start doing this!