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catching up


New Moon sucked. I could write a whole post about how disappointed I was. Maybe I will someday. Also, I met Lauren who is visiting from Australlia. She’s cool! We decided we don’t want to move to Australia after all. I guess their politics are just as messed up as ours. Bummer. I kinda liked the thought of living with kangaroos and wombats.


I’ve been sort of on a downer lately. But don’t worry. I always do this. It’s part of being artistic and moody and stuff. I always snap out of it. I just need to cut down on sugar and caffeine and get some exercise and maybe some iron.


Party plans are cranking along thanks to you guys and all your fantastic suggestions! Woot!


I guess I never posted this one. Probably because I didn’t want to discuss finances. So tacky. So please ignore.


And lastly I’m thinking of a hair cut. This always happens when I’m wanting a major life change. Not that my life sucks or anything. It doesn’t. I’m just not appreciating it to it’s fullest like I should be.


  • gingermog

    Hi You, Happy New Year! Am I really the first commenter for 2010? I know what you mean about being on a downer, I have been too although kicking myself mentally in the bottom for being like this. I always manage to concentrate on what I haven’t achieved not what I have achieved. I still have a lot of life lessons to learn.

    Also in answer to one of your last posts (yes I have been delighting in block read). Christianity will never scare me away. Be yourself on your own blog. I also loved your dress, shoes and the orange tights combo and you’ve inspired me to go wild and buy some coloured tights. I’ve been crafting recently too making my sister a cork lamp decorated leaves. Managed to pull it off too the second time around . Chuffed :)

    Thanks for being my favourite blogger xxx

  • Annika

    I think haircuts are a great way to change without changing too much. I mean, I know I am only saying that because I haven’t had a bad haircut in a while. But if you need change, changing something that will grown back seems smart.

  • Brooke

    In my past life before kids when I was a teacher, at our Christmas party each year our custodian brought a “Hawaiian Rainbow Cake” made by his roommate’s lady friend. It was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. Real Hawaiian fruits in three layers with fruit gel in between each layer and the frosting was a very light layer of all the gels in a rainbow pattern. Perhaps if you challenged Bethany…
    I was one of those who introduced myself to you at the Bible Conference, by the way, and I would say that anyone who is offended would know how to stop reading if they were really that offended : )


    Ah, man! So New Moon sucked?? I was waiting for video rental anyways… I hear the 3rd is in production now – wonder if they’ll rush it too much, too.
    So I made the jingle bell ribbon skirts for my girls and they loved them! I have pics I need to edit and I’ll send you one as proof… good times were had in those skirts! My computer is angry at me and keeps telling me my startup disk is NEARLY FULL so it might be a bit, but I will send you pics – I promise!
    The plans for Bug’s party look really fun – can’t wait to see the end results!

  • rachel

    Love your blog.
    Every time I’m feeling down I always cut bangs into my hair and then promptly begin growing them out because they never look good. I mentioned this once online, on my facebook and my cousin told me she does the SAME thing. You are not alone, is all I’m saying.

  • Ninabi

    I thought the same thing about New Moon as well. My daughter and I saw it while she was home from college on break and we laughed out loud every time a shirtless guy appeared on screen. Why no shirts? When they turn into werewolves the werewolves don’t have pants on, either. So we reasoned that they should all be running around in the rain in their tighty whities.

    Happy 2010. I’m sure enjoying reading about the birthday party plans for Bug. We’re not very good party planners ourselves so I think that everything you have looks to be amazing.

    And a question- why did the cat bleed? Ours have “thought outside the box” in senior moments but is the cat okay?

    SAJ says: Yes and no. She’s fine. It was only an ingrown toenail. She’s not fine in the fact that she has been peeing on the floor in the kitchen and we are thinking about putting her down. It’s been a terrible moral dilemma. She doesn’t seem to be sick but she’s so problematic. She’s also the cat that pukes every day. We’ve been to the vet, they just cost a lot and do not help.

  • BeachMama

    Sorry your new year is starting off on a downer time. But, here’s hoping you are picking up after meeting with Lauren and spending time at the Actually’s. A new year has begun so get your party planning hat on and get that party started.

  • Ellen W

    On my son’s They Must Be Giants – Here Comes Science cd there is a song called “ROY G BIV” – though of your party. My son decided he didn’t want a party for his 4th b-day. I was rather bummed as I was ready to plan a John Deere/tractor party.

  • jacque

    i think the haircut would be great on you! you’re beautiful and it would really frame that lovely face of yours!
    i want to know about the water pens. how do you use them?
    hug yourself for me. one day i am gonna make it down ya’ll’s way and i want to take you and bug for coffee and doughnuts on the beach!

  • jaynette

    I have my hair cut appointment for Thursday morning. I’m ready for a new start. I did have to explain to my teenager that a new hair cut would not change her life and make everything better. Hipocracy your name is Mom.

  • Monna

    I am loving your daily drawings. You asked about that the other day… about whether people are enjoying them. I do! Thanks.
    Now – about “New Moon”. I’d love to know what it is about the movie you didn’t like. I’m assuming that you read the books so you knew what you were getting into when you went to see the 2nd movie. I too consumed the books with both delight and shame. Ultimately, I thought “New Moon” (the film) was great (completely over the top, melodramatic but, in the end, incredibly wholesome) fun.

  • kaili

    Oh man I LOVE you daily drawings! A WAAAAAAY more fun way to “read” a blog! You are SO talented!! Keep it up! It’s fun!

  • Meemo

    Change is good and the simplest way to get it is with a new do. Why don’t you ask Hair Thursday what to do? I’ve been feeling the same way about hair, life, money, etc. Maybe it’s something about a New Year and how we reflect on our lives and what changes we want to make.

    Anyway, your whole site really brightens up my day, so colorful and fun to look at.

  • Mary

    Just a quick note to say – scrolling down I thought the Anthropologie girl WAS you!

    A new haircut is always a pick-me-up….I say go for it!

  • Lori

    love your visual journaling — keep it coming!

    my desire for a major life change is exhibiting itself in new glasses. dangerous since i wear them for so many years.

  • pinky

    like Mary – I thought the Anthro girl was you, and was like BRENDA! DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR AND GET PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS TAKEN? Hee.

    I’ve been in a funk myself. Or more like a variant of the same old funk. Bleah.

    I have gotten my husband addicted to Tim-Tams!

  • the chatty housewife

    Um, I think that model is you with your freckles removed. That’s about it. If you had that hair cut, you would have to blow dry it and style it into place every day. It’s cute for someone who has a personal hair stylist that follows them around!

  • OMSH

    I have decided that it is so very cool to be included in your daily sketches…and I LOVE MY OCTOPUS INVITES (as does Kenny – not that HE matters…it is only HIS party). heh heh

  • Kerri Anne

    Count me in the corner of fans of your (stunning! fun!) visual journaling.

    Oh, and I was super disappointed in how different the feel and the flow (and the acting) was between New Moon vs. Twilight, the latter being far better in my opinion.