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party girl

NOV 30, 2009

I guess they had fun at the party. I had a nice time staying home and blowing my nose.

party collage 1

I sent Toby off with my camera and his little pink-bomb princess. It nearly broke my heart to watch them walk off down the alley hand in hand without me. But I really needed to stay home and not spread my germs. I’m sure Bug is a germ-carrier but at least I didn’t have to be dripping with snot and obvious about it. Not that kid parties in the wintertime aren’t great big germ wonderlands anyway…

party collage 2

From what I hear, Bug was smitten with the birthday girl’s dad. Silly kid. I hope the dad didn’t mind all her hugs and kisses. She also told me all about the Princess Bounce House and declared that we should get a bounce house for her birthday party that is coming up in January.

“Where should we put it?” I asked, wondering to myself where indeed we would put a bounce house since we have no yard. In the alley?

“In the street.” she replied nonchalantly.

I guess I could look into that. Do you think the city would let me blockade the alley next to our house for a kid’s birthday party? I wonder what kind of permit that would require. Wait a minute, I thought this was supposed to be the small party year?!! As in low key. I don’t think a block party would fit that description.


  • Sonja

    Puffs are my “kleenex” of choice because they don’t fall apart in the washer or dryer, and I happen to live with a person who cannot be bothered to empty his pockets before dropping his clothes in the hamper (or on the floor, *sigh*).
    Your lonely afternoon sounds delightful… I’m a little jealous of that, though not of the snottiness. Get better soon!

  • Jen O.

    I know you’re probably wanting to hear of reasons why you couldn’t have a bouncy castle for Bug’s party, but I just wanted to mention that where I work (for the Gub-ment), if someone wanted to block off the street for any reason, they just need to get a Road Occupancy Permit. They’re free of charge and totally not a big deal. Oh, and people get them for block parties all the time.

    Mind you, I’m in Canada and we’re known for being easy going about stuff. Then again, you’re in Cali and Californians are also supposed to be laid back…

  • sara

    I’ve been lurkin’ and lovin’ , I’m now needing to unlurk and tell you I LOVE your illustrated days! I’ve loved everything till now too, don’t get me wrong, but this was irresistible! (and no, not self-indulgent, very generous and fun as far as I’m concerned)

  • Sarah

    I love these illustrations too and I’m all for a bit of me, me, me. Blogs are like catching up with friends and even if the listener doesn’t always say anything back, you know they’re at least nodding along on the other side of the table and admiring your good hair day.

  • Alexandra

    Just need to echo that the illustrated diary posts are fantastic – keep them up, please, please, please!!! Wonderful peeks into your day.

  • Kuky

    Do they have places with bounce houses where you could have a party? Or if not a party just to visit for a day? We went to one a couple of weeks ago or something, I can’t remember exactly when because I didn’t blog about it yet. Ha ha ha! It was like a Chuck E Cheese except they had bounce houses. Isabelle had so much fun. She didn’t even need friends with her or a party, it was that much fun.

  • gingermog

    I love the illustrations too. I’d like to say more but still getting over my own snot fest and related achey stuff and my brain is like porridge. Hope by now your own the mend :)

    P.s You never come over as me, me me I just think of you as my favorite corner of the internet. How the heck would I know about you if you didn’t have a blog…?

  • BeachMama

    So sorry you have a cold, I have one too and it bites. But, how fun that Toby and Bug got a little day together and you got to paint your toes. Time well deserved for you, even if you had to use a lot of tissue.

  • a chris

    BEER LAND! I would totally make F change his shirt for a children’s party. But my brother would probably wear one like that regardless of the context.

    Toby seems to have brought back proof that Bug had a good time at the party. Hope it wasn’t too hard on him. It looks like one of those events that sap energy from the adults and puts it into the kids.