• do me a favor,  illos

    and that wraps up 2009!


    I’ve finally finished up December for your downloading pleasure. And since I now have a whole year of designs I went in there and hand-typeset every single number for 2010. I wish I had a calendar generating program that worked with my illustrations but I don’t.


    So here’s a deal: You can download it FREE until Monday if you don’t mind proof-reading it for me. I’m sure I’ve messed up at least one holiday or date. Then after Monday I’ll take down the pdf, fix up and typos and sell it in my shop for a few bucks.

    Updated to add:

    Thank you everybody! I should have you guys proof-read my work more often. The free download is no longer available but it’s all fixed up and in my shop for a buck! I’m hoping to make a printed version (spiral bound etc…) but it might not happen depending on my work load and how much attention my nearly-four-year-old demands. I personally like to put up two pages on my fridge side by side so I don’t have to flip between months. What are your thoughts? Spiral with a bigger design above the month? Months side by side spiral bound in the middle? Hmmmm!