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More than you ever wanted to know…


I was talking to Toby this morning about why he doesn’t have a blog. We both agreed that we are glad he doesn’t blog because it would be endless rants about taxes, politics and computers and maybe an odd post about gravy… (though now that I think about, that might be kind of humorous to others who don’t have to listen to it all every day like I do.)

Anyway, he said he would never have a blog because blogs just shout: “Me! Me! Me!” Which he quickly followed up by saying that I somehow manage to have one without coming across that way. Hmmm… I’m thinking he was probably quick-stepping his way out of an argument that might end with me in tears and a pulling of the plug on this website—which everyone knows is a bad idea.

The point I am trying to get to is that I feel pretty silly putting up these diary-style illos after having that discussion about “Me! Me! Me!” with Toby. But I don’t really have anything else brilliant and I figure if you’re kicking around on the internet and you ended up here, then you probably needed something to waste time looking at anyway.


Now you know more about me than you ever wanted to! Aaaaaack! Go wash your eyes out! Just kidding. It is what it is. I may or may not keep doing these every day. I don’t intend on posting them here every day but I might put them up on flickr. What do you think? Do you want to know more about my disgusting cat who pees on the kitchen floor and about how Bug cries and tries to grab the doors as we leave the mall? Just curious.

(Inspired by Gemma Corral)

Note: I am not the best speller. And unfortunately Bethany cannot edit my drawings. I’m sorry.


  • bethany actually

    Did you just throw down the gauntlet? I could totally edit your illos. ;-) But I won’t, because that would be just plain CRAZY.

    I think you should do these when you feel like it, definitely. They will probably inspire others to sketch more, just like Gemma’s site inspired you! I know I am sketching much more since I’ve known you than I ever used to.

  • josephine

    Now that I look at this page more and more, I see even more typos (write-os? draw-os?). Ack. I will have to force myself to do these more slowly. These were drawn while drinking my morning cup of coffee, while sitting on the couch beside a bouncing kid.

  • Kate

    I love the drawings! And I read the website because it’s about your life, so talk about yourself all you want.

  • Penelope

    Oh wow, I LOVE these!!!

    Now, I’m a spelling and grammar Nazi, but not in self-expression like these. Be who you are, don’t worry about spelling etc.

    Yes, blogs are about ME ME ME. But that’s the point. That’s what makes them so interesting. It’s like reading non-fiction, but much more spur-of-the-moment.

  • Jen

    I LOVE your daily illos (or whatever you called them) (I’m too lazy to scroll up). And, I come to this blog to read about YOU (and Bug) so, I like that it’s all about YOU YOU YOU (and Bug). Don’t change it!

  • Melissa

    I agree with everyone else — the illos are fabulous! Even though I’m a painfully structured/symmetrical person, I really enjoy seeing other people’s asymmetrical art. I will say, though, that I think I’ve had trouble seeing your flickr stuff before, so if you do decide to put these on flickr, maybe you could post one every now and then here? I love your ME ME ME blog, by the way! I love your creativity, and you have certainly inspired me and my friends with your fun crafts!

  • beck

    I think it’s different when your readers keep coming back and BEG you to post about “Me! Me! Me!” Or. You. Or, whatever. You know.

  • Jennifer

    i love the illos. Unlike Bethany, I haven’t done any sketching since I’ve gotten to know you. I’ve attempted one or two but they were so sad that I threw them in the trash. I always have visions in my head but they will never be translated to paper. Probably a good thing, because my head is full of nonsense!

    I guess blogs are about YOU YOU YOU, but there is so much of YOU and THEM and THOSE PEOPLE and THAT OTHER PERSON OVER THERE that it makes it not so much about YOU as much as it’s about EVERYONE. THAT my friend, is a beautiful thing!

  • bethany actually

    Also, I hope you know that my earlier email about coy/koi was for informative purposes only. Not scolding or jeering or anything of that nature.

    I actually sat and wrote in my Moleskine at the park today while Annalie played, and drew three or four little sketches in there. I was quite proud of myself, even though the sketches are crap compared to yours. But they got the point across, so I was proud of them. Remind me to show them to you later!

  • nikkapotamus

    Of course they’re all about YOU! What else would you write about?! That’s what makes reading other people’s blogs so interesting.

    Plus, I love the illios. So very you. Did you scan those in when you were done drawing, or did you draw right on the computer? Fabulous!

    PS. Good luck with the cat and the cold.

    SAJ says: Thanks. :) I’m scanning my moleskin… I’m still working out the kinks.

  • bethany

    spelling schmelling, who cares! illos are great, if they become more formal than “drawn w/coffee next to bouncing kid” they’ll likely lose a bit of their appeal anyhow, no? for you anyhow … i love reading about you, me me me is interesting and why we’re here, do what you feel like! don’t feel obligated, ever, please. we’ll take whatever we can get :).

  • mosker

    I love the drawings. Yeah, so maybe blogging is all about you, but I enjoy the opportunity to connect with people I don’t get to meet in real life. Keep writing and drawing about your life.

  • And Then I Was a Mom

    I like the illos! I would so try to do something similar on my blog but that would take…effort. And dedication. Honestly, just thinking about such committment is fairly exhausting. But yes, you please carry on for the rest of us.

    As for the mall-door grabbing, I feel your pain. It’s like they gain superhuman strength right as you round the end of the cash registers and catch your first glimpse of the outside. Crafty suckers, these kids.

  • Gramma

    Spelling…schmelling…who cares? If we wanted to be perfict, guess you should enlist Bethany Acutally’s help. But, that would spoil all that clever spontaniety, and squelch rapid-flowing phrases. As an old proof reader, I try to veer awaw from the nasty habit now. A suggestion: CORIZA.

  • ~moe~

    Sorry you’re sick. My man has the same thing – snot and sore throat but no fever. We spent the weekend on the couch watching movies trying to get him better. :( Hope you feel better soon!

  • BeachMama

    Oh I love your drawings. Way back when I first found your blog, I went even further into your archives to read all about you. Back then you were posting pencil drawings! I love it.

  • a chris

    If nobody’s edited your Moleskine for spelling then you’re not that bad at spelling. I find, as time goes by since school (and since I did much writing on a daily basis), I find myself wondering about the spelling of a word I would have been really embarrassed to get wrong when I was younger. And notebooks don’t have spell checkers.

    As for doing a more polished version, it depends on what you want out of it. One thing that strikes me is that if you were to spend longer on the journal pages, well, you’d end up spending more time. This seems like a good exercise in quick thinking and quick sketching. If you want to practice more polished work, that would be a reason to spend more time, but I suspect as far as the product goes people would be interested to see more like what you’ve done above.

    Of course, your normal photos-and-words style has a proven track record too. I would miss that…

    I used to read a whole bunch of blogs that were in “journal comic” format years ago. (Now some of THOSE were self-centred.) For them, as well as a form of self-expression, it was a way to practice their skills on a regular basis, because they were into making comics. There was a kind of community around that.

    Anyhoo. I ramble.

    Do what you like to do. I think that’s the consensus.

  • Deana

    Maybe your cat was just mad at you for leaving it alone during Thanksgiving. But when kitties have urinary tract infections it is pretty common for them to use a hard cold surface like tile instead of the litter box (trying to find a less painful spot). You might want to get him/her checked for that.

    And I agree I love the illustrations and also your blog. Keep it up.