More than you ever wanted to know…


I was talking to Toby this morning about why he doesn’t have a blog. We both agreed that we are glad he doesn’t blog because it would be endless rants about taxes, politics and computers and maybe an odd post about gravy… (though now that I think about, that might be kind of humorous to others who don’t have to listen to it all every day like I do.)

Anyway, he said he would never have a blog because blogs just shout: “Me! Me! Me!” Which he quickly followed up by saying that I somehow manage to have one without coming across that way. Hmmm… I’m thinking he was probably quick-stepping his way out of an argument that might end with me in tears and a pulling of the plug on this website—which everyone knows is a bad idea.

The point I am trying to get to is that I feel pretty silly putting up these diary-style illos after having that discussion about “Me! Me! Me!” with Toby. But I don’t really have anything else brilliant and I figure if you’re kicking around on the internet and you ended up here, then you probably needed something to waste time looking at anyway.


Now you know more about me than you ever wanted to! Aaaaaack! Go wash your eyes out! Just kidding. It is what it is. I may or may not keep doing these every day. I don’t intend on posting them here every day but I might put them up on flickr. What do you think? Do you want to know more about my disgusting cat who pees on the kitchen floor and about how Bug cries and tries to grab the doors as we leave the mall? Just curious.

(Inspired by Gemma Corral)

Note: I am not the best speller. And unfortunately Bethany cannot edit my drawings. I’m sorry.