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Another Coloring Contest!

Amanita Muscaria

It’s time to color some fairy toadstools! I made this coloring sheet for the craft day we had for Alpha+Mom but anyone can play along.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Download your coloring page here.
  2. Color it up all spiffy. Markers, crayons I don’t care.
  3. Take a photo. (Cute pictures with yourself and/or your kid will probably give you a winning edge but are not required.)
  4. Upload your photo to SAJ’s Undercover Crafts pool. Please note your age or your child’s age somewhere on your photo or coloring sheet so I know what level of prize you are eligible for.
  5. Wait patiently until I return from my lake vacation sometime around October 9th. More details will be posted around then.

Prizes will be random this time but there will definitely be prizes, thanks to my mom who bought them for me last time we had a contest and I was fretting about how much “buckets of art supplies cost”. I think she was afraid I was never going to have another contest again so she’s been shopping the bargain bins for fun art supply type prizes. So in other words, we can say this contest has been sponsored by LadyBug Suebee’s Country Store. My mom is the best.


  • Clover

    Cheyenne’s still glowing from her win last time– and still carrying around her art bucket! We’ll look forward to coloring this one– cute toadstool!

  • Brooke

    This has to do with your “I Spy” on the side and not on your actual post. I have a 3.5 year old who still uses his pah (called pa-pa in our house) and if I try to take his he takes his 2 year old sister’s. I hear you on the “no comment”. Maybe 4 will be our lucky year too! Maybe I’ll take it from both of them at the same time and win the battle earlier with her. Maybe, but I’m guessing probably not : )

  • Leesa

    I thinks it’s Bugs beautiful big eyes
    do I win!?
    don’t answer that! don’t add me to your to-do list! you certainly have enough goin on!