Beach Bits,  Slow News Day

Just another day…

our favorite breakfast spot

We woke up, rolled out of bed and decided to go have breakfast in the fog on the lifeguard tower. A chocolate donut with sprinkles for her and coffee for me. I know I need to set a better example and make a healthy breakfast but I also love being that mom who wakes up and says, “So what do you want to do today?” and then does it.

I just have to make sure she eats healthy the rest of the day. Maybe tomorrow we’ll have donuts and milk. Just kidding. Tomorrow we’ll stay home and have eggs or something. It’s just fun when we get back home from visiting the sticks or a friend’s house to go check in with our ocean. You know, to make sure it’s still there.


Which it was. It was our old beach without a tourist in sight. I’m sure by noon it was packed but in the morning, when it’s foggy, it’s all ours.

doughnuts are so funny

It’s US time. The rest of the day was filled with errands and housework and I knew I wouldn’t have a minute to sit down and play with her. I always feel guilty about busy chore-filled days. I know she’s learning to play by herself and being bored is the best way to grow your imagination but I always feel a little bit guilty that I haven’t given her at least a sibling to play with. I know. I need to get over that.

la la la lee lee lee

Being an only child is not a bad life.

Hello Sharkey!

Unless you get eaten by a shark! Just kidding again. I just had to throw that photo in there too. We found this toy rubber shark on the beach and had a little fun with it. If you ever leave something at the beach, you should ask us if we’ve seen it. We find all sorts of things left behind. It’s like we’re the beach’s lost and found. I even turned in an expensive watch the other day. So if you’re missing a shark, we’ve got it. A brown plastic shovel too.


  • sandy

    i think we left a toy car there last summer. seen it? jj. seriously, i am so jealous that you live where we vacationed

  • bethany actually

    My mom was watching Annalie play in the pool the other day–she was just splashing away and talking to herself and her toy dinosaurs and making up songs, totally ignoring the adults across the yard–and she said, “You know, sometimes I think Annalie is living the childhood that YOU wished for, Bethany. You always wanted to be an only child!”

  • Emily

    That shark does look familiar… I also feel guilty for my girl being an only child, as she has too hang out with me and I know that I love having a brothers. But I try to convince myself she doesn’t know any different, I’m a chilled person just having one kid, she has so much attention, more opportunities and we are happy in our team of three. Too much thinking, I should just enjoy the ride.

  • Shaba

    Those little “us” time moments are the ones she’ll remember forever.
    My mom was a big proponent of birthday cake for breakfast the next day and I still gloat to my friends about that!

  • Molly

    I have the same thoughts about the only child life, I feel guilty… But it’s becoming more and more common… and is better for the planet! You can explain that to her when she is older.

  • Jen

    I’m delurking to say that of all the photos you’ve ever taken – these are my favourite. What seems like a “just another day” is where memories are made. Love these photos – you’re a great Mom!

  • hanna

    If you’re still trying for a second babe (like we are) you might want to cut down on your caffeine intake. My midwife mentioned I should cut out all my tea drinking to one cup a day or just opt for herbals. I know you love coffee (and I’m in no way insinuating that your cup of joe is causing delayed conception), but it couldn’t hurt to lower intake, right? Here’s an article on it Best to you!

  • pinky

    I thought that shark was real – heh.

    I wonder constantly about providing a sibling for my little dude – but you know, some people don’t get along with their siblings, while some are close. I know lots of people who had very contentious relationships with their brothers or sisters, and as adults aren’t friends at all.

    I still want to do it, though :-)

  • spandrel studios

    What a lovely thought, to start your day with breakfast on the beach, listening to the surf and being in the moment… donut or not, you’re setting a good example for the rest of us!

  • Rhonda

    I was wondering….. you mentioned a while back you were going to try to lose a little bit of weight. Can I ask how you’re doing??

    SAJ says: Haven’t lost a pound. But I’m still trying. I may only be able to maintain where I am… these genes are pretty fierce.

  • gingermog

    Maintaing is good. Stick it out, one day a couple of pounds might magically dissapear. Sometimes they are stubborn and have to be persuaded to leave… like ants.

  • DeeAnne

    Having a doughnut once in a while IS healthy. Having one everyday not so much. It is a very healthy thing to learn that you can eat certain things but must always enjoy them in moderation.

    Other than that…. looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL morning!

  • Amy

    All good, making fun a priority over all the other day to day clean up stuff. I could really learn from you and will try to put my analnist aside…

  • Jennifer

    Siblings are overrated :P Yeah, mine have each other and they have some pretty cool moments, but then there are those crummy moments where Molly gets one of Emily’s works of art and decides to spit on it then throw it in the trash can. Just before I throw cold used tea bags on top. That’s when I’m sure Emily would like Bug’s life.

  • SuperCareo

    That shark picture made me laugh out loud. I hope you don’t mind that I borowed it to be my desktop background! I promise that I will give you full credit for it!!