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I never thought junk mail would excite me like this…

my latest hobby

I’ve started a little hobby lately. Well, that is if you can call two days into something a hobby. I’m making postcards out of bits of paper but instead of using up Bug’s artwork, I’ve been cutting up my junk mail!

It helps that I got some really pretty catalogues in the mail lately and I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. But who needs catalogues sitting around their house? Not me. I’m not buying anything. So I decided I’d hack them up and send them to somebody else. Now they can sit around and be pretty in someone else’s house as art!

batch of postcards

It’s really fun and I’m really into it. Right now I’m just sending them off to my friend Susan (my fairy godmother) but maybe I’ll send off some to other people too. If you’d like one, email me your address and maybe I’ll do a little mini-mailing. We could do a swap maybe?

collage postcards batch 2

The important thing for me is that I have to use what I have and not hoard or save away little bits that I think are pretty that I might use another day. I’ve done that before with magazine clippings and that was a mess in the long run. I love magazines and I love to save things but who has room for that in their house? Not me. I am anti-clutter.

happy cards

So I make a batch of postcards with the junk mail, cut up scribble art, fruit stickers etc… I have from that day and that day only. No more no less. It’s fun this way too because it’s like a little time capsule of what passed through my house that day. You should try it!


  • JO's mom

    Your anti clutter because your mom is such a hoarder.You should be proud of me today and yesterday I filled up the big trash can with stuff know one needs andI have been collecting. may be by the time you come again you will be able to see the sewing room floor again.

  • Kate

    What an incredibly good, creative idea! Wow. What kind of paper did you put your cut-outs on? I love it! Can’t wait to try this myself.

  • Emily

    Fabulous idea. These are gorgeous, wonderful colours you’ve picked out. We’d love to receive one if you don’t mind sending it to England.

  • Laura

    I love them! This would also be a cute and affordable way to fill an hour with the preschool set. I might just gather the supplies for my son’s next play date. Thanks for sharing!

  • beck

    I never in a million years would have ever thought to do this. I wish I possessed even a minuscule portion of your creativity. DANG.

  • Gramma

    A good idea to get rid of some of the clutter of our mailbox, which incidentally, now is locked and our key will NOT open it. I’ll probably have a zillion prospective post cards waiting to be assembled. How much is post card postage anywaqy?

  • Karen

    I love it! But remember it isn’t junk mail, never call it junk mail :P Remember when a certain employee said that?

  • Maria

    Oooh.. I’ll definitely email you my address and make some of these once I move and we can do a trade. What kind of paper have you put them on? I have been thinking about ways to keep my family in touch and up to date when we move to the big city and away from them so I’m thinking a photo with the baby and these would make great postcards — and much more personal than email.

  • Loretta

    I did this once in a book…daily journal of junkmail, phone bills, TJ Maxx tags etc. It was a good year and a good book. You have inspired me to do this again…I have post office phobia which is annoying if you love paper scissors and glue but…Thanks. Also I linked to your blog…Love Your Secret Identity!

  • Lin

    Beautiful. I have a friend who is a collagiste fantastique! You have such a good eye. I’m going to send you a couple of pictures (in email attachment) later on today that show you just how wonderful this art form is! Betsy is in poor health right now (which breaks my heart) but when she was working, her pieces have such enormous energy and say something. I’ll send later on.

  • Carol

    Oh you crafty and resourcful lady you. I am loving the postcard idea, we made some recently out of photos of my son but I really like the idea of using junk mail. I’d love to do a postcard exchange if you don’t already have too many postcard exchange commitments. Ha! “Sorry I’m far to busy sending postcards out to people to get anything else done today!” Your blog always makes me laugh. Happy Thursday!


  • Clownfish

    I know this is off-track but this reminds me of your “creative wall” in your office. I was a bit envious of that wall, exploding with faces, colors, designs and textures. I know that if I had one in my office I wouldn’t get anything done but it was a mental vacation to visit yours! – Cool cards!

  • Amy

    Would love to do a card trade! Email me and not only will I get one of your one of a kind cards but it will force me to sit down and PAINT again :) Email if interested, Amy

  • amyks

    Love this…they are so pretty…may be after school starts for my kids, Sept 10th, ugh! I could figure out a similar, but different version to send you. Mt wheels are already in motion.

  • DeeJay

    Okay Brenda, I just need to know the size of the postcard itself and I’m going to try my version . They are simply to die for!!!! Love them.

    Thanks for the inspiration on a rather slow Saturday!

    There was a Rodeo parade here today that lasted about 5 minutes. Yeah, it’s hoppin’ round these parts. Am hoping for a nice thunderstorm later to spice up the evening.

  • The Chatty Housewife

    What an awesome idea! I love it.

    As for keeping inspirational magazine or catalog clippings and what not, I have one binder for decor/style and one for craft ideas. I use those cheap plastic sheet protectors. You can buy them really cheap after the kids are in school!