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    I never thought junk mail would excite me like this…

    my latest hobby

    I’ve started a little hobby lately. Well, that is if you can call two days into something a hobby. I’m making postcards out of bits of paper but instead of using up Bug’s artwork, I’ve been cutting up my junk mail!

    It helps that I got some really pretty catalogues in the mail lately and I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. But who needs catalogues sitting around their house? Not me. I’m not buying anything. So I decided I’d hack them up and send them to somebody else. Now they can sit around and be pretty in someone else’s house as art!

    batch of postcards

    It’s really fun and I’m really into it. Right now I’m just sending them off to my friend Susan (my fairy godmother) but maybe I’ll send off some to other people too. If you’d like one, email me your address and maybe I’ll do a little mini-mailing. We could do a swap maybe?

    collage postcards batch 2

    The important thing for me is that I have to use what I have and not hoard or save away little bits that I think are pretty that I might use another day. I’ve done that before with magazine clippings and that was a mess in the long run. I love magazines and I love to save things but who has room for that in their house? Not me. I am anti-clutter.

    happy cards

    So I make a batch of postcards with the junk mail, cut up scribble art, fruit stickers etc… I have from that day and that day only. No more no less. It’s fun this way too because it’s like a little time capsule of what passed through my house that day. You should try it!