Beach Bits,  Bug,  Slow News Day

photos from Bug’s point of view

Mom's legs

Bug and I hit the beach for our favorite breakfast: a doughnut for her, a latte for me. I let her play with my water-proof-sand-proof-idiot-proof camera and she shot these. Not bad, I say. Not bad. I kind of like myself from her perspective.

Mommy with coffee

Here I am in my pajama shirt and bed-head hair. Whatever works, right? At least I’m awake and at the beach instead of with my head in a box (I keep my laptop in a box) and her watching cartoons for hours on end.


This is me being patient. Patient patient patient. I didn’t know she took this picture but I’m really glad she did because I have no idea what I look like while I’m being patient. I have to do it a lot because she is always that far away from me and I’m always wishing she’d hurry up and catch up with me. This is our life.

Number 4

It’s not so terrible. I needed to work on my patience anyway.


  • Lise

    Those are some pretty amazing pictures. What kind of jeans are you wearing? They’re really cute.

    SAJ: They’re Sang Real ( I call them my “rock star jeans” because they have all these silly buttons and designs everywhere. I love them EXCEPT they stretch out in a day and I like to wear my jeans at least 2x before I wash them. (I hate the laundromat).

  • beyond

    these are really good. i especially like the one of you being patient. you should let her take photos -and then post them of course- often…

  • Beth B

    Awesome and darling – thanks for sharing! I think its so sweet that she was taking picts of mama!!

  • Carolyn

    I love looking at photos taken by a toddler. What they see, how big we must seem to them, how big the world looks. By the way, that photo of you (pj shirt and all) is fabulous! :)

  • bethany actually

    Uh, that sounded kinda snarky, like I’m saying, “Well, of course the photos are good, she was taking them at a beautiful place, duh.” That’s not really what I meant, though! Honest. :-)

  • Clover

    Very impressive photography for a little squirt! We have a camera we let the kids use– I delete about 95% of them, but there’s always some from different points of view that are really neat!

  • dana

    You may just have yourself a little budding photo-bug there! And I love your jeans too – where did you get ’em?

  • Calee

    1.You are very patient. It’s awesome you give her the freedom to explore without overscheduling (though I know it gets rough sometimes…)
    2. The angle she’s shooting your very cute jeans from makes you look like a tall, lanky model
    3. The photos are lovely!

    SAJ says: Ha ha! Thank you. I just want to let everyone know that in real life I am not tall and lanky BUT Calee, here, is!

  • Kate

    I am green with envy. Oh to be near the beach. I spent much of my high school years on/at Newport Beach and the sand and water embedded themselves in my soul. It’s the one thing I miss about So Cal.

    Anyway, you look fabulous and Bug obviously has her parents’ artsy genes. Great pictures.

  • Heidi

    Wow no fingers in the pic or off balance pics. And I agree, I love that pic of your being patient. It is so great to get someone else’s perspective on life. And the beach looks wonderful!

  • Jennifer

    love the pics….but more importantly…where did you get your purse!!!

    SAJ says: Old Navy about a thousand years ago. I’m sorry.

  • Uncle George

    Brenda, I read the archive blog about the Optio. It’s not entirely an Edsel, but it is the perfect thing for the beach. I wish you could have gotten the little 33WR that I have. I just can’t believe how well it works. I’ve abused it for nearly four years; in the surf, under water (not reccomended), dropped it, thrown it…and it works better in some situations than the EOS 10D!

    Keep giving that camera to Bug. She’s a natural like her mom and dad.

  • Gramma

    Your li’l bug does well handling the camera; she seems to have a knack of composition and focusing. This is the age when brains act like sponges absorbing and processing. Keep giving her all those opportunities to enjoy her life with you and Toby. Afterall, she’s only lent to you for a little while.

    The beach has been in our lives for “generations” from the shores of Kailua Bay, to Waikiki Beach, to Rehoboth DE to Ocean City NJ to Sagami Wan to San Francisco Bay. The fog rolling in with the tide, the gentle lapping of the waves on the bay shore helped me unwind from stress of holding down a job and living with teenagers. Sadly, but surely, I’m now land-locked, and just “enduring” day to day, dreaming of what used to be..

  • BeachMama

    Gramma! You have been to Rehoboth? This is my favourite Beach in the whole world, one I return to every year, sometimes twice and hope to retire to. Glad to ‘know’ another who has been to my favourite place.

    Brenda be sure to give Bug the camera more often. I let J take my POS out all the time and it is really fun to see what he captures. I was cleaning my old camera (Nikon D50) to use as a back up this weekend and he asked if he could have it. I told him he had to wait just a couple more years or until Mommy could afford an newer backup :).

    Love the Jeans!

  • erin rae

    These are great. I definitely think Bug should get to carry the camera more often – she’s a cute subject, but so are you!

    I feel like my “patient” look probably looks a lot like that, and mine is not even 8 months old, so she stays where I put her :-)

  • kerri

    Frequent visitor, infrequent commenter but this really inspired me to trust my kids more… with the camera, with walking away from me (or needing to catch up). I have been accused of being “too patient” with my boys, but I know the truth is I have very little patience in private.

  • gingermog

    I’m rather impressed with these photographs too. Looks like a very hot, misty morning.Sigh like your Gramma I feel land locked too, but only or a week then I’m off to the sea.