Hooo Boy!


You’d think I had a three-year-old living around here or something.


  • Jen

    Oh that looks familiar. Kaylie wrote KAYLIE on the back of her winter jacket a couple years ago. I was so not impressed, but she didn’t understand why I was so mad!

  • karen

    My husband’s sister wrote a string of large letters F across the bottommost shingles (light-yellow color) on their house when she was three…in permanent black marker. They had to sand and paint to fix it and thirty-some years later, it’s still laughed over at family dinners. Count yourself lucky that Bug only did her own shoes! :)

  • Ana

    Awwww. I think it’s cute… I might change my mind when my own daughter starts expressing herself that way… But I think Bug did a great job in writing the word HOO! hehe

  • IslandMummy

    My darling 3 year old daughter crayoned all over our LCD tv screen….
    After I stopped freaking… I asked her why she did it “I was decorating Mama!”

    Thank goodness it came off – if it had been marker she would be without tv until she graduates high school.

  • Wordly

    When I was about 4 or 5 I went around the house writing my name really small on door and window frames, and when asked, I denied it. I thought it to be totally believable that someone else might be scrawling my name everything. Silly kids. :)

  • Leta

    When I was a kid I used the pointy end of a compass to carve a heart, my initials and a boy’s initials into the wooden trim around the closet in my bedroom. So I guess I’m just saying it could be worse?

  • margalit

    My two darlings found a package of colored sharpies when they were about 3.5 and on the wall RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR EASEL with plenty of paper on it, they wrote all over the wall. I scrubbed. I made them both scrub. And then I repainted. Like 11 coats. And it still seeped through.

    We moved.

  • Lady in a Smalltown

    My friend and his family had to live with mom for a while. Their 2 year old son found a black permanent marker and decorated all the furniture and the walls in the living room.

    At least you will know which things are hers.

  • Kari

    Right before I gave birth to my daughter, we installed the car set and I gave our then 7 year old the choice of which side of the backseat he wanted to sit in. After much hemming and hawwing, he chose the passenger side. When our daughter was born, he kept on coming around to the drivers side and it was all “Hahahaha – I forgot which side I sit on now!’

    About 2 months after she was born, we noticed that he had scratched his name in 3 inch high letters into the side of his car door with a rock to remind him which side he sits on! My husband almost had a stroke, but this is was on par for our son – he also scratched “I love you Daddy!” on the hood of my husband’s car in very small letters when he was 5.

  • Katie

    i’m sure that wasn’t so funny to find but I can’t help but laugh. It looks like it’s smeared off the boot so is it a washable marker? If so, you are lucky. My son finds sharpie markers when he’s in the mood to deface his stuff. :)

  • Molly

    HOOO!! That is the best! How did she come up with HOOO? Amazing. Unless that is the sound you make when you are totally exasperated, in which case, it’s funny that you see it staring back at you… Kids. Can’t live with em, can’t drop them at the fire station. Not at this age anyway.

  • Ninabi

    Hooo did this?

    This stuff drove me nuts when mine were tiny. Must be getting closer to grandma-age because I was looking at the photo going, Oh how cute, Bug’s writing so well!

  • gingermog

    Um… artistic expression? I used to do this all over the place when I was Bug’s age, so l’m told. Wallpaper was my favourite medium.

  • Heather

    hahahah….My neary 4-year-old keeps writing OM OM OM OM everywhere. I’m keep telling myself she’s obviously into meditation.

  • Becca

    Its great when they write their names and then try to deny it was them. “No mom, I did not just write my name on the wall!”

    And having them wash the walls for punishment didn’t work too well… “Got any more walls to wash?”