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    rest and reprieve

    spring in the sticks

    It’s been a couple of rough weeks around here. First the week of endless puking and then some business paperwork stress that has taxed my brain so hard I have almost considered giving up being a freelancer all together. But that’s neither here nor there. The good news is that my mom’s house is only an hour and a half away and I’m welcome there anytime.

    mom's chair

    Running away to my mom’s house is not always a vacation. They always have some sort of drama going on. But this time my mom forced me to stay home while she and my sister-in-law went galavanting around town running errands with my kid. I worked for several hours in perfect peace and quiet and then I went and sat in her backyard. It was just what I needed.



    Spring is here in Southern California and it is so pretty. The grass in my mom’s yard grew about three feet from all the recent rain we’ve had and desperately needs to be mowed. Of course a lawnmower is nowhere to be found since my mom has her belongings strewn between two properties. Whatever you need is always at the other house.

    putting in a rose garden

    Later when my family returned, I couldn’t stand it any more and I broke out the shovel. The soft earth was just calling to be tilled. We put in about five rose bushes that had been sitting soaking in a wheel barrow for about three weeks. Those poor roses. They were very happy to finally have their roots in some real dirt. It felt good to actually break a sweat and do some honest work. I need to do that more often.


    Even though my mind has been heavy with worry, I feel like I’ve had a few moments to rest and recharge out here. The problems of the world are not solved but at least we have enjoyed the weather and each other. That’s all we really have.