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    So, yeah. I’m pretty dense sometimes.

    beating the sun to the beach

    I feel pretty silly now for getting all worked up about the preschool incident. I guess it was a good lesson learned by me. I’ll probably hear opinions from teachers from now until Bug’s graduation so it’s probably wise that I learn to smile and nod early on. I do think the teacher meant well but obviously she doesn’t know us very well yet.

    donut face

    I do feel like an idiot for being so insecure about something that I should not be. Bug and I do a lot every day. And deep in my heart I didn’t think there was anything wrong with her. Sure, she frustrates me at times and the teacher tapped right into our latest battle but these frustrations are nothing new or monumental. It’s just part of being a mom of a very vocal three-year-old.

    I am so blessed and thankful.

    A lot of that thankfulness is directed back at you readers who keep coming back everyday with encouraging and insightful (and funny!) comments. You guys really hit your point home and I have had a complete change of mind because of it. I don’t know why I doubted myself so much in the first place. Thank you.

    beach puddles

    Now let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program!

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