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Sick Bug

poor sick Bug

Poor Bug. She caught some sort of stomach virus or maybe something she ate didn’t agree with her. She’s been puking for about eighteen hours. Thankfully somewhere around midnight last night she started keeping water down. I think she’s getting better.

It’s not exactly the best way to spend a vacation but I’m just thankful this is only the second time Bug has ever been sick this way. I read accounts on the internet all the time of moms and dads staying up all night with puking kids. I’ve been very lucky so far with her.

Bug is a trouper too. She really tries to be her spunky self in between being totally grossed out by the fact that she’s puking just like the cats do. We deal with cat puke on a daily basis at our house so this sickness has added a whole new level to her understanding. We’ve gone through about a thousand motel towels and every last pair of the 102 sets of pajamas I packed. I think we’ll be visiting the parents’ laundry room sometime in the near future if they’ll have us. (I hear Grandma is sick too)

I think today will be a much better day. Maybe we’ll even make it outside.


  • lynne

    Oh no the precious pet! I didn’t realize she was this sick! Nor that you were still away from home. Tis awful be sick in an unfamiliar place. I hope she is back to her old self soon and that none of the rest of you are ill.

  • Rebecca

    Seems like everyone has been dealing with a nasty (but thankfully short lived) stomach virus. I am so sorry Bug has it, especially away from home. Oh, look at that precious face. Just makes me want to gobble her up… except I know she probably just barfed… ;-)

    Take care, Baby Bug. I hope you will be feeling great soon!

  • Rhi

    I’m home with a tummy bug, too. Except, she looks WAY cuter than I do right now.

    Also, I PRAY that I do not have to deal with cat puke today. That would be just my luck, though.

  • Uncle George

    Pooooor Miss Bug! That crud made it’s way around the family like bad hand-me-downs. Liz, Jason, Mom, the list goes on. Weddings in February? Cooped up indoors all Day? BOGUS!

    Get well my dear heart, Uncoe Choge loves you soooooo much.

    OH, guess what? Grandma has a NEW! washer and dryer!! (don’t know if that’s a good thing, because it looks like a computer and grandpa is stressing……Egad!

  • Elda

    Poor bug. I hope she gets better soon. Not too long ago we went through the same ordeal. Thankfully it seems to be a once-a-year occurrence. Lots of GET WELL VIBES coming your way.

  • Tonya

    I had to stop lurking to say that I’m so sorry Bug is sick, but if that squishy face isn’t the cutest thing ever, I don’t know what is!

  • BeachMama

    Oh so sorry sweet Bug is sick. That picture just melts my heart. I think I Twittered that after a few hours of puking, I will give the kids some children’s gravol, but Bethany Actually tells me you don’t have that there. It really helps settle the stomach so they can keep some stuff down. Hope you found something that worked. And sorry you aren’t in your own home, nothing like being sick away from home.

  • Ana

    Awww!!!! My baby is also sick so I can understand the way you’re feling at this right moment, she’s also got a tummy virus and it has made her really sick… the worse part is trying to cope with Hospitals in a foreing Country where you don’t even spek the language… (ops sorry, I needed to vent) it really sucks that the only thing you can do right now is wait until the mean mean virus goes away… I’m really hating that! well, I’ll pray for her and I hope she gets better soon so you can both go to the beach and have some girls time-out.Blessings

  • Michele

    The picture breaks my heart. There is nothing worse than a sick baby…I always wish I could be sick instead of her. There’s been a nasty stomach bug going around here that only lasts about 24 hours (plus just feeling weak the next day from not eating), so hopefully there’s an end in sight for you!

  • Keri

    poor little bug. I hate being sick myself, but for some reason, being a kid and being sick is worse. Maybe because as a child you don’t know what to do.
    Hope she gets to feeling better!!

  • Calee

    Poor thing! At least you’re a smarter momma than me– I gave Audrey her two favorite foods. ham and blueberries, when she wasn’t eating due to this awful stomach bug. I’m sure her puke was much better than that stuff…

  • julie

    The last time we were all in a hotel room together we did about 6 hours of steady puking. It was horrible. My hubbie ended up taking the rest of the kids home (about 2 hours away) and I stayed until the little one was done and could ride in the car. It was horrible.
    Hope bug is better soon.

  • Sonja

    Ugh, stomach issues are just so icky and unpleasant! I’m glad she’s feeling better. (Also, she still is very cute, even in this puky situation!)

  • Uncle George

    Hey all, BB is getting better, but, now SAJ has it. Please wish her well. She’s 730 driving miles away from home and hurling her poor guts out. Being sick sucks. That far away from home REALLY sucks. Please get well my dear sister. Everyone please wish her well.


  • Uncle George

    She’s such a wonderful person. She’s doing the “Technicolor Yawn” and letting Toby go hang out with his dad and big brother. Man, If I could only find someone as cool as SAJ. She is just the best.

    Get well, Secret Agent. Soon!

  • Ninabi

    Oh no! Sending prayers and good thoughts your way, SAJ. I was worried about Bug, being so little but to be away from home and so ill is awful.

    Please get well soon!