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Take a trip down Hanukkah Lane

the electricity stayed on for eight days

See what Bug and I have been up to lately? We made a tiny little Jewish neighborhood out of raisin boxes! I like to call it Menorah Village.

Giant skiier mows down deli patrons

Sometimes I ski through town (in my one-armed snow suit) when I’m craving a pastrami on rye (which I never am because I don’t actually like rye bread, though I do like kosher pickles)! I bet you’re wondering about now if I’m Jewish. I’m not. I just play one on Alpha+Mom when they need a Hanukkah craft! It was fun. Go check it out! I think you’ll appreciate the picture of me at the end devouring my small city like Godzilla.

just another sleepy morning in Hanukkah Village

And then after that I will regal you with Christmas tales. Coming soon, that is.