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Psssssssssst! Pass the soap, Bambi!

Bambi is sinking in the snow drifts

I’ve got a new post up at Alpha+Mom about making little tiny snow globe soaps! Go check it out. It was really fun and SUPER easy. Probably my easiest craft idea yet. If you’re the type who usually passes over my whacky craft ideas because they cause way more mess than they are worth, then you might want to try this one. Super easy, super quick and clean up isn’t any messier than doing a load of dishes.


  • bluejaye

    I can’t wait to try this. I think I have all the supplies available. I’m sure I can find dozens of small toys they have accumulated over the years. We need some projects because we are iced and snowed in.

  • patois

    Dang, that looks like something even I could do. (My kids would have no trouble. I’m the craftless sort.) Let me hie over and check it out.

  • Marissa

    I am going to the craft store tonight to get the things needed for this. I am going to make them tomorrow when it is supposed to be 15 degrees. For the high.

  • Sonja

    This makes me so sad… I gleefully gathered my millions of JoAnn’s coupons, measured (!) my ice cube trays, and headed off to buy supplies and they had exactly NONE of the things I wanted. No clear glycerin, no blue tint, no peppermint smelliness. I’m now debating… do I go to Michael’s, or do I wait until next year?
    All of that aside, those little soap-globes are delightful.

  • Kuky

    We went to the store and got supplies yesterday. But we couldn’t find any small tiny toys or anything. But we’ll try different shapes.

  • lynne

    I am absolutely enchanted with your latest craft ideas and I’m itching to try it out. Although sadly I do not know where I could get the crafts needed as we have no wonderful Michael’s in the UK. Hmm maybe I might have to order online.

  • pinky

    what a wonderful idea! I have some vintage cake decorations that might work really well in a small soap. when I don’t have a little dude trying to get into everything I’m doing I will have to give this a try :-)

  • OMSH

    I just watched Annalie’s video! I’m so going over there to check this out because it is raining in these here parts and I have some kids to entertain!

  • SusieQ

    Genius project! My girls (5, 3) and I did this yesterday and it was terrific! Only thing I did differently was I used silicone muffin cups instead of ice cube trays or soap molds. Found some at Michael’s that were supposed to be for “brownies on a stick” (wha?) and the soaps turned out to look just like little round globes. Plus, the silicone cups released the soaps much more easily than the soap molds we’ve used before. We’ll definitely be doing this again.