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a short sabbatical

plotting my escape

Calling all guest posters! Email me. I’m taking a month off! See you mid September!


  • Camels & Chocolate

    Awwww, we’ll miss you!!!! And Bug! But have a nice vacation from the Internets–you deserve it!

    And I’d totally guest post for you sometime end August/early September (I’m heading out of town again tomorrow for a bit); e-mail me if you need me!

    Also, this picture is way cute!

  • Monna

    Hi there!
    I’m Monna over at Teacher Meets World. I’m a Canadian teacher and I live in Barcelona Spain… before that, Monterrey Mexico… before that, Cali Colombia. I write about travel and about staying home.
    I’d be happy to guest blog for you during the month of August. My e-mail is teachermeetsworld@gmail.com
    Have a lovely, restful holiday!

  • Stephanie

    I’m not sure what, exactly, you’re looking for in a guest blog, but I’m a stay-at-home mom of two, former teacher and current freelance writer whose interests include running, reading, cooking and baking, and figuring out ways to stay sane and maintain balance while raising my girls. I’d love to write for you; check out my blog and see if anything appeals! And, happy vacation-from-blogging month! Your crafty ideas will be missed!

  • Michele

    Okay I just have to ask this. If it’s your blog why do you need guest bloggers. If you left on vacation from your house would you need a fill in for wifely duties with the hub, and mom duties for the bug?

    Sorry but I read Brenda, not your guests they are not SAJ.

    This is a blog phenom I don’t get at all.

  • Island Mummy

    We will miss you!

    I think people get guest bloggers so that people will have something to read and keep coming back, so the ads keep paying… But that’s my guess.
    Since I can’t seem to update my own blog more than a couple of times a year I wouldn’t dare offer my services.

    I just worry that if you are gone for a month you won’t come back…

  • Clownfish

    Hey B, personally I don’t know how you’ve done it this long! Your tireless commitment has brought joy to soo many.

    This may sound funny but I’m glad you’re taking a sabbatical. Even my selfish desire to see what every click of your camera has created; I want you to have this time off. A sabbatical is a time for rest and rejuvenation. As your friend (and friends), we should want you to have what you deserve. And for all of your giving, you deserve a break.

    So, go out to dinner with Toby, run along the wet, hard packed sand with BB. Take a big bite out of life with no agenda to share these moments but instead to savor and call these moments your own.

    With…or without guest posters, your fans will be here when you get back. Seriously, how tough is it for us to click and see if you are back? – Enjoy…relax…

  • pinky

    I don’t know that I am actually worthy of guestblogging here, but I would be happy to volunteer my space-filling skills :-)

  • Mary O

    Dude… Anonymous commenters suck. That really does not deserve a reply at all, IMO.

    I hope you have a nice break from blogging and enjoy what is left of the summer. I know I will miss your photos and stories!

  • Jodi B

    De lurking to let you know that I love your blog!
    I know that you went to Paris…how about some archive posts while you take a break? I wasn’t reading your blog then, and would love to see and hear about your experiences.
    Enjoy your break….I have a little one too and love to hear about how you spend your day!

  • bethany

    breaks are lovely things, take as much time as you want/need and come back if/when you’re ready. you’re loved and will be missed … do what you need for your own reasons, not any crazy readers or commentors! happy happy august!

  • Susan

    Wooo I love sabbaticals. Enjoy yourself! Feel the wind in your hair and the sand on your toes. Fly a kite and swim the ocean with BB. Good times! Completely ditto bethany!