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Oh Mom…

oh mom!

I was going to write a long post about how my heart wasn’t in blogging anymore and I just feel like giving it all up. How the day is so tiring and I sleep through half of my free time… But then I uploaded my photos and this photo said to me: “Oh Mom, don’t be so melodramatic.”


  • Spandrel Studios

    Oh, SAJ — please don’t throw in the towel! We’d miss your creativity and spirited view of the world. Not to mention your gorgeous photos!

    (And this one really made me chuckle.)

  • beachmom

    that is an adorable shot – what an expression! Please don’t stop blogging, I love your viewpoints, posts and the great pics you post!!

  • Gingermog

    Maybe you need a blog vacation? Recharge your batteries. If you gave up completely we would miss you so much, this site is a very special, twinkling, magical, thoughtful, inspiring corner of the internet ( no pressure here whatsoever ;). But, everyone deserves a holiday and we don’t want to drain your precious creative resources. Wasn’t it Ferris Buller who said “Life goes by pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Hmmm I think I should write that in big letters on a sign above my monitor to remind myself to step away from the computer.

    I think many years from now you will be glad you created this blog and so will Bug.

  • josephine

    I’m sorry guys. It seems like I’m begging for compliments AGAIN. I really don’t mean that. Just in a bit of a blog funk since blogher. I think I was dazzled by how many really great blogs there are out there and feel less inclined to compete. That and a TWO year old pretty much saps you!

  • pinky

    I didn’t think you were begging for compliments – blogging continuously does wear on a person, especially with a little dynamo in the house!

    (and I never read any of those other “really great blogs” – I don’t have time to get involved in other people’s life stories. I like yours. Take a break!)

  • Ninotchka

    ha ha ha Cute picture. We call those “doggy ears” around here. Elle was a huge fan of having her hair done that way.

    So, quit blogging if you want to. Just don’t stop posting those cute pictures and stories when the inspiration strikes. See? It’s all in how you look at it.

  • Satsuki Rebel

    Where’s the competition? I’m still fairly new to the whole blogging world but isn’t it supposed to be a creative outlet? I was recently looking at some of the “most popular” parenting blogs but guess who’s I’ve been reading. It sure as heck wasn’t ms. susie homemaker who seems to be breezing through the parenting world. I may not have commented before but I love reading your posts.

    The pic is ADORABLE btw!

  • K

    I completely understand why you would want to give up blogging. I’m hardly the blogger you are and some days I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m afraid I won’t sound witty enough to post! Your blog is always wonderful even when you just post pictures!! I do hope that you continue, but maybe a blog vacation is what you need? Or you can get a guest blogger? Do what you need to do and we’ll all understand!! :)

  • Gayle

    Hi SAJ, Take a break if you need one. We’ll still be here when you come back! Don’t worry about competition. Your blog is great and I look forward to your posts every day. You have a wonderful way of writing and such an honesty, it’s very refreshing!

  • Kandace

    SAJ, I think it’s normal. I love your blog! You can’t stop! Okay, so you can. I’d just be sad. When in doubt post a Bug photo. Or, like you did a few posts back, let Bug take the reigns :) Hehehe. It’s the Summer enjoy that beach. The Internet will still be here in the Fall. :)

  • Gingermog

    Hi again. I didn’t think you were fishing for compliments. I can quite imagine blogging gets exhausting and there at times you just want to put it to one side and get on with the rest of your life. For several years I used to help run a travelog website and there were days I often found it hard to update the news page everyday with perky entries. Somedays it was fine and dandy other days it was ummm what can I say… scrape-bottom-of-barrel. I miss that site now its gone (ahem on hiatus) and I did meet some groovy people along the way.

  • Gingermog

    P.s. Your blog is great as it is. I don’t know whose blogs you feel outshine yours but pfff yours is the first I check when I start my day and now I really have to stop procrastinating and do some work :)

  • Michelle

    The first blog I ever found was Jennsylvania, from there I found The Underpaid Kept Woman, and she had you in her “Seiously cool/crafty muthas” category :o) Off I went, and you’re the first one I check in on, daily. If you want to take a blog-break, you should…but YOU really do inspire alot of people, and so does that sweet little Bug of yours! I know I dont know you personally like many of the posters here do, but from what I have seen over the past year I’ve been reading your blog, is that you are a wonderful, creative, funny person (add those adjectives in and put mommy after it too!) :o) You are raising a sweet, smart, imaginative, funny little girl also! We would miss all of the pics of you and her and all of the neat things you do together, and also would miss all of the neat things you do as an individual. See? The Underpaid Kept Woman was right….you are a seriously cool mutha!


  • Lauren

    there ARE a lot of really great blogs out there.

    yours is one of them.

    don’t compare yourself to others. no one does secret agent josephine better than you.

  • Meg

    Please don’t give up blogging. You have so much to say, and so many people love reading it.
    Maybe you just need a little blog vacation?

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve never surfaced, but I used to enjoy your maze site (since June ’04) and then began indulging in your blog shortly after…once I got over the idea of lurking into someone else’s life. I loved your pre-preggie crafting and your motherly spin since your beautiful Bug was born. I’m inspired by your posts and I am usually feeling dumpy, coincidentally, when you are so that makes me smile when only my 15 month old little girl can. SO SORRY to put the pressure on when you need it the very least. I guess I feel like I should say something in case I don’t get the chance in the future… I appreciate the sacrifices you have made to keep it going this long and if you decide to go, you will be missed.

  • LVGurl

    I know exactly how that feels! Give it some time, you’ll feel better… or at least, get more clarity on what to do! You do a great job :)

  • Jennifer

    That picture is too funny. I’d miss reading about you guys if you quit blogging. Yep, there are tons of great blogs out there and YOU are one of them!

    I understand the need for a break. Truly. The TWO can keep you on your toes and makes it hard to do all that you want during your free time. I promise that the THREE and the FOUR give you a little more time to do your thing.

  • Starryprincess

    I don’t read any of those other bloggers. I’ve looked but I only relate to you and your world,oh and Bethanyactually, which I found thanks to you.
    Take a break BUT then come back. xxxxx

  • Kathryn S

    I understand your need for a break, I’m a very slackerly blogger, but I would miss your blog so much. I check here everyday. It’s my favorite.

  • nicole

    hang in there…soon a 2 year old is a 3 year old, then 4 and then ack off to kindergarten. enjoy the days and moments and please don’t leave the blog world…you are such a light. gosh, i’m gushing but you know what i mean.

  • chris

    Love the photo!

    Also, I think everyone goes through that blogging funk. I know I have before. Mostly it helps to remember why I began blogging to begin with, which was to record this time in my life. The boring parts too :-)

  • Mama Zookeeper

    What a cute pic of Bug! She is so cute and my little guy loves to see pics and movies of her (and other little ones in blog land).

    I always love it when I see your blog come up in my reader. I know it means I will have at least one blog I’ll read all the way through. Your blog is wonderful and one of my personal favorites. However, we all would totally understand if you need a break to recharge.

    Take care of yourself!

  • ~moe~

    I love Bug’s hair! I did my hair like that today too, but I think it’s cuter on her! :)

    You’re fabulous, girl! No matter what you write I read it and I love every word. You make blogging a reality…something that anyone can do and do well even if they don’t feel like they are into it. Thinking of you!

  • bethany actually

    That photo is all kinds of wonderful. I love it! (And I wish wish wish Annalie would let me do that to her hair.)

    I feel like we have not talked in days! I’m at my friends’ house out in the desert to visit for a couple of days so I probably won’t be online a whole lot, but I’m a phone call away and can get on the internet in a flash (they have wifi, whew!) if you need any editing. ;-)

  • Amyinbc

    Little ones can be VERY tiring. I used to nap when they napped. Got myself so regimented I can still sleep on demand if necessary!

    Blog if you find it gives you joy. If not and it has become a chore then don’t.. Blog when you want..

  • Jamie W.

    I’ve been going through the same thing myself. Life sort of gets in the way of blogging sometimes…thankfully ;0) If you do take some time off, I hope you come back and give us periodic updates because we would miss you!

  • Susan

    Oh we all get in a blog funk…don’t fret! You’ll get back in the swing of things eventually and give us all more wonderful things to read. Bug looks so cute in that picture!

  • FamiliesONLY

    Everyone definitely feels this way once in awhile. I never know if I should tell someone to take a break or to write though it because I’ve seen both work for others, and I’ve seen some people just lose it altogether both ways. Either way, we are rooting for you and Bug to stay with us, we love reading about your life. I feel like a stalker with Baby Bug, she makes me want to have another one!

  • Ninabi

    I’m amazed at your skills in blogging, illustration and parenting. I’m sorry it’s been a bit of a bummer lately.

    I feel kinda selfish but I really, really look forward to your blog. Your daughter is so precious and your postings make for an amazing electronic baby book. It makes me happy to see you so happy with your little girl. I was a young mother once, with a baby girl (now 21), and with each new post I’m able to relieve those sweet years a bit.

    My computer skills are so iffy that I’m embarrassed to link to my VERY beginner webiste. I can’t even get pictures up there yet, for Pete’s sake! How embarrassing is that?

    So I look at your website and go, WOW. SAJ is amazing.

  • Annabanana

    Awww, first thing today Kaitlyn begged…”go see BB!” (she always uses her real name though)
    So we rushed here and she says “oh, H….H…..H…, there you are my friend.”

    I am afraid my daughter is more of a net junkie than I!

  • BeachMama

    Great photo.

    You should do what you feel like doing, but you should also know that you are loved by all that visit your site. But, I can totally understand how it must be hard to be creative all the time. Your ideas and inspiration get me all the time. Actually, I am planning J’s 5th birthday party for tomorrow and I keep asking myself, “what would SAJ do?”. It won’t be as pretty as your parties, but you did offer me some inspiration.