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    Dear Baby™


    This post is from Jerri Ann from Mom-E-Centric. Thank you, Jerri Ann.

    Dear Baby™ Inc.

    My husband and I have two different models of your product. At the present time, there is a malfunction in each of the two models. Please understand that we consider ourselves very lucky to have received the lovely baby™ that you send us originally in 2003. We were so excited that we asked for and received another baby™ in 2004. We have simply been over-joyed. However, we seem to have encountered a couple of high maintenance glitches in your product.™ I will start with the older model, as I am afraid that you can do little to remedy the problems we have encountered.

    The first baby™ that we received was gorgeous, just as we expected. He was plump and round but he cried a lot. Through a series of holding, rocking, cuddling and feeding we were able to get through those trying times. As you know, this model is approaching three years old and we have found some of the very same issues as we did in the beginning. The tears, oh the tears, that this baby™ has produced over the last several months. Apparently this baby™ is extremely unhappy as he cries at the very drop of a hat. For example, he will ask for something (i.e. toy, food) and upon receiving said item, the baby™ will burst into tears for no apparent reason. In most cases, this model™ of your product will land in a heap on the floor, arms and legs flailing, tears pouring from his eyes and wailing loudly. Understand that eating is not the only time that such malfunctions occur. On occasion, this model™ will become teary-eyed over such issues as getting dressed, wearing a coat, or the desire for certain toys, just to name a few. I’m curious if there is some tweaking that can be done with our model by your wonderful service department? This baby™ also seems to be excruciatingly loud. Perhaps his volume could be adjusted so those normal everyday requests do not become ear-biting demands. We are available at your convenience for you to send someone to our home. My husband and I have been unable to find the technique for correcting these problems. As you know, none of your products™ come with an instruction manual so I am going to assume that you are responsible for all maintenance.

    I would like to reiterate that we have been extremely pleased with your product™; however, the second model™ has another set of maintenance issues. As I mentioned above, we received this model™ in November 2004. We have been simply over-joyed by the presence of this model™ in our home and have basically few complaints. However, since your service department will need to make a visit to our home in order to make corrections with our first baby™, maybe he could make a few minor changes with the latest baby.™ This baby™ seems to missing an internal clock as he wakes sometime near 4:30 AM each and every morning. When the baby™ does this, he is more than willing to rise and play. However, as I’m sure you are aware, this is not the most ideal hour to be playing peek-a-boo and demolition derby. Hopefully, the technician will be able to make minor changes with this baby™ as we have absolutely no other complaints. Other than this one glitch, he seems to be just as perfect now as he was when we received him last year.

    To be perfectly honest, both of our baby’s™ are quite enjoyable to be around and we have little difficulty with them. However, as with any high maintenance product, I suspect that a tune up issued at least once a year is in order. Please feel free to visit my home at any time or call me to set up an appointment to install, update and re-program the functions, which are faulty.

    I appreciate your time and I hope to see someone soon.

    Owner of 2 Baby™ products

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