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Trinidad Bed and Breakfast

I’m much too tired to be writing a post right now but I have to because I know tomorrow is going to be jam-packed full of new bloggable things and I can’t have this backing up business. If I don’t write about it now, I’ll get back from vacation and have a whole weeks worth of stuff to talk about but I won’t because I’ll be tired and already forgetting all of it. So maybe I’ll write about it with only half of my brain and hope that’s better than all of my brain that has forgotten half of what happened.

the dining room

The last two nights we’ve stayed at a bed and breakfast in Trinidad. The Trinidad Bay B & B in fact. It was really nice. Toby wasn’t so charmed by all the “charm” but then Toby is an old fart. I loved it.

private entrance

sea stars

The decor, the fancy sheets, the sea shells… everything. AND then of course there is THE VIEW. The view is actually why Toby chose this place. He looks at things on google earth and has the whole world figured out. He knows where he’s going before he even gets there.

Trinidad Light House

Did you know you can see the swells of the waves in Trinidad from google earth? You can. They are that big. The coast gets pummeled here. But Toby didn’t just choose this bed and breakfast based on google earth. He actually grew up here and has known about this view since he was a kid.

the morning view


It’s a great place to stay because Trinidad is beautiful. There are tons of trails to hike on and amazing view to take photos of. Of course everything is five hundred times more fun when it is not raining so it can be a bit tricky timing your visit but we managed. It was pretty rainy when we first got there but absolutely gorgeous the next day.

sittin on the stoop

blow hole

wood fairy

We hiked around a lot, showing Baby Bug what mushrooms and blackberry branches look like. We trudged over rocks and brambles and mud puddles. It was great.

At one point we came upon a sheer cliff that dropped down to rocks and surf below. I don’t know how I didn’t see it coming since we had been walking along looking at the ocean very very very far below us all along. But I didn’t. When we got to the edge, I walked right up to it and almost lost my lunch. I was that close to just walking off the edge. I actually got physically ill just thinking about what might have happened if I had Baby Bug in my arms and she pulled one of those wiggly toddler moves. I still don’t want to think about it.

walking away from the sheer cliff

Thankfully Toby did know about the sheer drop off and was prepared with Baby Bug in a vice like grip. I guess I’m a lot more afraid of heights than I thought I was. I didn’t take any pictures of that view but I did take about a thousand of all the others.

tiny surfer

And there’s more here.

I should write about how toddlers don’t belong in fancy bed and breakfasts and about how I am so sick of traveling… but I think I’ll save that for another day. We are not home yet but I need to retire to my not-as-cozy-as-home bed and get some z’s before Baby Bug wakes me up at the crack of dawn. Tomorrow we are going to explore a possible future town we might live in and I am VERY excited about that.