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Cousins and stuff…

Which one is older?

Where was I? Oh yeah! Cousins! Do these two not look alike? One is six months younger and that would not be Baby Bug. It was so funny to see them size each other up for the first time. They are the exact same height but one can talk up a storm. The other one is super quiet with those big eyes that suck your soul right out of you.


I love her. I love all my nieces but this one just crawled into my heart. I wanted to take her home. She wanted me to hold her right away which made Baby Bug really jealous. It was kind of interesting to see how Baby Bug reacted to another baby getting my attention. Things might be a bit tricky when and if we decide to have another child.

the cousins watch a show

Maybe by then Baby Bug will be a “big girl” and won’t need so much mommy-cuddle time. Or maybe I will grow another set of arms and a lap twice as big (I think I’m already working on the double size lap). I have no idea. I’m just kind of winging this mom gig by the seat of my pants and that seems to be working so far.

Bug's rocking chair


  • Starryprincess

    Hi Brenda, don’t worry about Baby Bug’s reaction to BB 2, siblings are so different to a cousin suddenly being thrust upon you and on your mama’s knee.
    She would just love her sibling to bits. My elder children are 17 months apart and the eldest can’t remember her brother not being around and even at that tiny baby age, she was never jealous. Love love love the blog, you inspire me to enjoy parenthood more.

  • Jeanette

    Oh my, Baby Bug is tiny! I love the picture with her cousins, just chillin’ out in the box.

    Happy New Year!

  • bluejaye

    If Lilly picked the movie….they were probably watching Max and Ruby.
    Wish we could have brought the big ‘baby tenders’ down. My two love the little ones.

  • Lexi

    Don’t all moms fly by the seat of their pants? I sure do.

    I’m so so worried about the sibling thing….Jordan’s 4 so he’ll probably remember the times w/o baby brother….I guess luckily the baby won’t do more than sleep for a while so I can still spend some one-on-one time….groggy, but better than nuthin’.

    PS I love the jeans w/the big flower.

  • TheAngelForever

    Adorable photos as always!

    We were also worried about how our son would react to his new sibling. Whenever my husband would hold another child the look of horror/jealousy was on his face. He was almost 4 when his baby brother was born in May. He immediately loved his little brother and wanted to show him off to the world. He was a little jealous of the times daddy would hold the baby, but it did not last long. We just made sure there was extra special time for the big boy. Kids are amazing little creatures that adjust quickly to life – unlike the adults in the world.

  • ninabi

    Oh…sooooo cute. How neat to see two little cousins side by side.

    My girl (now 21) was tiny like Baby Bug, too. I’m getting a kick out of seeing the new styles of children’s clothes and I just loved the little red Christmas dress.

    I’m so glad you had a good holiday.

    Don’t worry about how BB will feel about a new sibling. Every child is different. It’s a big adjustment for everyone. Katrina loved her dolls but when her baby brother came along at age 2 1/2..uh…well…she only wanted to hold him for 30 seconds and then she forgot all her potty training for a day or two. I found a 2 morning a week preschool- something for “big girls” and she loved having something to go to that babies couldn’t attend!

  • Michelle in Cincinnati

    B. – They DO look alike! They have that same adorable little face! Great pics of all the girls! Dont fret, BB will be a GREAT big sis :o)

  • Nila

    Those cousins look so much alike. One of my sons and his girl cousin look more like siblings than he does with his own brother. It’s weird how that happens.

    BB will be a great big sister when the time comes. She’ll have time to get used to the idea while it lives in your tummy.

  • kiki

    Dont worry. You seem to be an excellent mom. I’m sure it will all turn out just fine. Don’t wish away that cuddle time just yet. My five year old still needs a lot of cuddle time and it is the last thing my one year old wants.

  • twoheadedmommy

    WOW! What a wickedly inspiring trip-you have tickled a mad itch for the exotic.
    Glad to see you are getting some of the sweet life you emit sent right back to you!

    Happy Travels and a Kicker 2008!


    TwoHeadedMommy of Inner Chai

  • She Likes Purple

    I think winging it is what we all do, all the time. We lie and pretend we’re so knowledgeable and well-rehearsed, but we lie. We do the best we can, as we trudge along. You have such a beautiful daughter–your winging it is working out smashingly.