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All Work and No Play Makes SAJ a Dull Something or Other…

more Baby Bug wrapping paper

Working working working working working. That’s almost all that’s going on around here. Pretty boring. It’s great though. My mom is still here and I am getting so much done. Two big jobs in the can and the second batch of flash card orders are clicking away. I’ll mail them out on Monday for sure. Iron, iron, iron on the Baby Bug logos and work, work, work… that’s all I do.

We did take a breather for Baby Bug though. Because even though Grandma is super fun and Baby Bug would be happy to bounce off her all day long, we felt it might be a good idea to take her out of the house.

So we went to the mall! To hang out with all those crazy shopping people… ha ha. Actually, we went because I had two free tickets for the kid’s train ride for Baby Bug. Every Christmas the mall sets up this cute little clickety-clack train that goes around in a circle on the second floor. You have to be 40 pounds or less to ride it. I’ve taken photos of it year after year for my old job as an event photographer. But this year I actually have a kid who can ride on it! Imagine that!

I was so afraid for her. I thought sure that she would scream for me the minute the train left the pretend North Pole depot. I kept telling her over and over that she was going to be a “big girl and Mommy would be right on the other side of the railing waving at her”.

When it came to her turn, she let me buckle her in and she sat there so proudly next to the other kids who were all eight times her size. She wasn’t afraid a bit. It was me who was biting my nails and running around after the train, making sure I was in her eye’s view at all times. The train went around four times and not once did she even miss me. What is happening to my little girl! She’s getting so independent.

I should clarify that though. She’s very independent when it’s her choice. If I so much as walk in to the other room to get my slippers without her permission, she has a melt down. But if she wants to walk three blocks ahead of me, that’s fine and dandy. I guess that’s normal, right?

And now a photo from the shop:

the shipping box elf


  • Kuky

    A kid train? How fun! We must give one a try. And I’d have the same worry as you. I would have totally been running around after the train. So I think we’ll find a small one where she can see me at all times so I don’t have to chase the train. :)

  • OMSH

    Uh huh….and the train pics? Where are the train pics?

    BB you are adorable – you do the USPS proud!

    SAJ says: I know. I know. All I had with me was the mini-van camera and every time I tried to shoot, it would fire when she was past. The mini-van camera does not do well in low light situations…. unless of course I wanted to use the blaster flash which turned BB into a scary ghost with red eyes. I did take two or three pictures but they turned out TERRIBLE. I was too busy chasing after her and biting my fingernails to shoot a proper picture.

  • BeachMama

    Oh the train ride sounds like so much fun. You sound like you were having the same experience that I did the first time I put J on a ride at the beach. Just wait until she walks away with her teacher on that first day of school! And oh I love how long her hair is getting, it is just adorable.

  • Mommy K

    That is sooo cute. I have a 6 week old and I think she is getting big because she is starting to smile at me.What am I going to do when she can ride a train at the mall??? I am so proud of BB and you. I know how you must have felt.

    Love the cards and I have shared your site with so many people. They all love you too.

  • Beth

    i’ll put my shipping address right down…can we order her? LOL

    the train ride sounds like so much fun! WTG mom, you did great!

    Special hello to Grandma…you da’bomb!

  • jessicab

    I just got back from the post office to pick up my cards. They are SO beautiful….and the bags are awesome. I am so pleased. You did a great job on the cards and your sil did a great job on the bags. I can’t wait to give them to the girls.

    Man BBug’s hair is getting long. How cute.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the weekly wallpaper, SAJ :o) It’s my background on my desktop, and it’s so happy! Love the pic of BB in the USPS mail crate with those two little pacies (pahs) – too stinkin’ adorable! How was her hot date with Wito? Did you take pics? They have to be the two cutest babies in the OC!!!


  • Nila

    I miss those train ride days. Now they want electric scooters so they can leave their mother in their dust. So sad.

    I love that bug in a tub.